What was Telstar the theme tune for?

What was Telstar the theme tune for?

Magic Star
It was the second instrumental single to hit number 1 in 1962 on both the US and UK weekly charts. Later in 1962, Meek produced a vocal version of “Telstar” titled “Magic Star”, sung by Kenny Hollywood….Telstar (instrumental)

Label Decca (UK) London (USA)
Songwriter(s) Joe Meek
Producer(s) Joe Meek
The Tornados singles chronology

Who sang the song Telstar?

The Tornados

Who wrote Telstar song?

Joe Meek

Who played the organ on Telstar?

This weekend, after the Saturday evening performance the four musicians, Roger LaVern, organ; Alan Caddy, lead guitar; George Bellamy, rhythm guitar; Heinz Burt, bass guitar and Clem Cattini, drums, traveled down to London in Roger’s cream Austin A35 van, registration number 901 DOM.

Who had a hit with Telstar?

The Tornadoes
The Tornadoes were a one-hit wonder, topping the Hot 100 in 1962 with their song “Telstar.” Named for a NASA communications satellite, The Tornados’ “Telstar” was the first song by a British band to top the Hot 100 — more than a year before The Beatles exploded.

What happened to the group the Tornados?

In the summer of 1963, Joe Meek induced The Tornados’ bassist Heinz Burt to start a solo career, as The Tornados’ chart success as an instrumental outfit waned, and from that point onwards The Tornados began to fall apart. By 1965 none of the original lineup remained.

Did the ventures record Telstar?

This quintessential edition contains one of the band’s most celebrated albums, The Ventures Play Telstar, which was originally released by the small Dolton label in 1962 and has been long unavailable on vinyl….Data sheet LP.


What happened to the group the tornados?

Was Joe Meek in the Tornados?

The Tornados (in North America: The Tornadoes) were an English instrumental group of the 1960s that acted as backing group for many of record producer Joe Meek’s productions and also for singer Billy Fury. They enjoyed several chart hits in their own right, including the UK and U.S. No.

What keyboard was used on Telstar?

“Telstar” was a hugely popular instrumental song released on August 17, 1962. The song’s unique sound was the result of the inclusion of a rather unique keyboard instrument called a clavioline. Much like a Moog synthesizer, the clavioline used electronic circuitry to create sound.

What did the ventures play?

the Ventures, American musical group that gained fame with its instrumental interpretations of pop hits and that served as a prototype for guitar-based rock groups. The principal members were rhythm guitarist Don Wilson (b. February 10, 1933, Tacoma, Washington, U.S.—d.

When did the song Telstar come out?


When did Telstar by the Tornados come out?

“Telstar” is a 1962 instrumental record performed by The Tornados.It was the first single by a British band to reach number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and was also a number one hit in the UK. Loading…

What is the song Telstar about?

An instrumental with space sound effects, this is about the Telstar communications satellite, which was launched shortly before this song was written. This instrumental hit was followed quickly by vocal versions in the UK first by a singer who called himself Kenny Hollywood and then by a young studio singer named Margie Singleton.

How much did the Tornados get paid for the song’Tornado’?

The book 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh explains that The Tornados received little money from the song. Meek had leased the record to Decca Records and having negotiated a 5% royalty of the record’s sales he banked 29,000 pounds, very little of which was passed on to The Tornados.

Who played Telstar in the 1960s?

Byron from Fritchley, Derbyshire, United KingdomI played Telstar many times in the 1960’s on a Selmer Clavioline. I now write and record instrumental music in the Joe Meek/Tornado style. Byron, Fritchley, Derbyshire, England.

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