What was David Weikart theory?

What was David Weikart theory?

The HighScope Preschool Study concluded that a high-quality program for young, at-risk children contributes positively to their school success and economic outcomes and decreases their teen pregnancy rate and involvement in criminal activity.

Who is the founder of HighScope curriculum?

David Weikart
The HighScope approach was designed by David Weikart and colleagues, beginning in 1962, ‘. . . in response to the persistent failures of high school students from Ypsilanti’s poorest neighbourhoods’ (Hohmann and Weikart 1995:3). Weikart was a director of special services in Ypsilanti Public Schools, Michigan.

What is the history of HighScope curriculum?

Designed in the 1960’s, the High/Scope program was designed to relieve the effects of poverty affecting child development. David Weikart and colleagues, drawing inspiration from Piaget, studied this approach in two studies funded by the US Government in the 1960’s.

Where did HighScope begin and why?

Highscope was developed by Dr David Weikart in America, in the early 1960’s. He discovered that children living in deprived neighbourhoods were achieving low scores as a lack of opportunity rather than low intelligence levels. Early intervention was seen as the best way to improve this.

What did Steiner believe were the main tasks of early childhood learners?

Steiner in action Children participate in structured activities such as painting, craft and domestic arts such as cooking, cleaning and self care, as well as circle time, story telling and music.

What is the Rudolf Steiner theory?

According to Steiner’s philosophy, the human being is a threefold being of spirit, soul, and body whose capacities unfold in three developmental stages on the path to adulthood: early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence.

What is the difference between HighScope and Montessori?

In a HighScope school, expect the use of tablets and other interactive technology to become a big part of the curriculum, when age-appropriate and used for learning. In a Montessori school, technology typically isn’t involved until children are out of the toddler years.

What was Maria Montessori theory?

The Montessori method of education, named after its founder Maria Montessori, is an approach to classroom learning that emphasizes independence and choice. This theory of teaching understands that children have an innate interest to learn and will be able to do so in a suitable environment.

When was HighScope founded?

Dr. Weikart went on to establish the HighScope Educational Research Foundation in 1970. The name “HighScope” reflects our organization’s high purposes and far-reaching mission.

Who influenced HighScope?

The philosophy of HighScope is based mainly on the original works of Jean Piaget and John Dewey. The theory incorporates modern-day findings in brain and cognitive-development related to young children.

What is the purpose of HighScope?

HighScope assesses child development using COR Advantage, HighScope’s research-validated child assessment tool that spans children ages 0-6. Observing a broad range of behaviors over several weeks or months gives us a more accurate picture of children’s true capabilities than tests administered in one-time sessions.

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