What was Bungarribee used for in the 1800s?

What was Bungarribee used for in the 1800s?

Bungarribee estate was established in 1822 by Colonel John Campbell (1770–1827) for the purpose of breeding horses for the East India Company. Bungarribee was a major rural employer and breeding area for Australia’s horse racing industry.

Is Bungarribee a good suburb?

“New suburb” Great suburb with plenty of parks and pathways. Excellent connection to public transport and easy access to Motorways. Overall good suburb to live in.

Where is the Dharug language group located?

The Dharug language, also written Darug and Dharuk and also known as the Sydney language or Eora language, is an Australian Aboriginal language of the Yuin–Kuric group that was traditionally spoken in the region of Sydney, New South Wales. It is the traditional language of the Darug.

What Aboriginal land is Rouse Hill on?

the Darug People
Rouse Hill Town Centre resides upon the sacred land of the Darug People. The Darug nation (also spelt Dharuk, Dharug and Daruk) is a language group of First Nations Australians who are the traditional custodians of much of what is modern day Sydney.

What Aboriginal land Am I on Blacktown?

Darug nation
“Australia is the ancestral home of the Aboriginal people. The Western Sydney region that takes in the Local Government Area of Blacktown are the custodial lands of the people of the Darug nation (which had also been spelt Daruk, Dharuk, Dharruk and Dharuck).

What Aboriginal land is Mt Druitt on?

For many generations, the Darug Nation has been recognised as the traditional owners of a large part of the area now known as Western Sydney. Mt Druitt is situated in the Gomerigal clan area.

What are the three clans of the Blacktown area?

At this point in me, there were three principal clans of the Blacktown area. They were: Gomerigal -South Creek; Wawarawarry – Eastern Creek; and Warmuli – Prospect.

Why is Blacktown named Blacktown?

When the railway came through the area in 1860, the first station was given the name Black Town Road. “It’s a really sad and reflective place; that’s where Blacktown got its name.” he says. “The people of Blacks Town at the time didn’t want the name but the government decided for them.”

What Aboriginal land is Kellyville on?

The clan living within the Kellyville area were the Bediagal who occupied an area to the northwest of Parramatta, between Parramatta and the Hawkesbury River, possibly around present day Castle Hill (Attenbrow 2002:24). Bedi was the name of the land with the suffix “gal” or “galleon” denoting a man or woman.

Who owned the Bella Vista Farm?

The Hills Shire Council
Bella Vista (homestead)

Bella Vista
Owner The Hills Shire Council
New South Wales Heritage Register
Official name Bella Vista; Kings Langley; Stock Farm; Seven Hills Farm; Bella Vista Farm
Type State heritage (landscape)

What Aboriginal land is Parramatta on?

City of Parramatta acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the Darug people. For over 60,000 years, the area comprising present day Parramatta has been occupied by the Burramattagal people, a clan of the Darug, who first settled along the upper reaches of the Parramatta River.

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