What type of diode is 1N4148?

What type of diode is 1N4148?

silicon switching signal diode
The 1N4148 is a standard silicon switching signal diode. It is one of the most popular and long-lived switching diodes because of its dependable specifications and low cost. Its name follows the JEDEC nomenclature.

What is the voltage of 1N4148 zener diode?

1N4148 Zener Diode

Brand NXP / Philips / Goodark / Nexperia
Usage/Application Electronic
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Max. 100 V
High Switching Speed Max. 4 ns
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Piece

What is a maximum continuous forward current rating for a 1N4148 General Purpose small signal diode?

Diode Small Signal – 1N4148 Use this for signals up to 200mA of current. Very general purpose, it’s got a typical forward voltage drop of 0.72V and a 300mA maximum forward current rating.

Is 1N4148 a zener diode?

1N4148 1W Zener Diode (Pack of 40) 1N4148 1W Zener Diode is a general-purpose silicon diode. For the protection of various devices, regulating current flow, etc this diode is useful.

What is the 1N4148 diode used for?

What is a 1N4148 Transistor? 1N4148 diode is mainly used for quick switching purposes, so these are known as switching diodes. The main functionality of these diodes is the same as a normal switch. These diodes have high resistance under a fixed voltage whereas they have low resistance above the fixed voltage.

What is 1N4148 used for?

What is the resistance of a 1N4148 diode?

The figure below plots the dynamic resistance of a 1N4148 near the constant resistance region. Between the glass body of the diode and sense measurement points the lead + jig resistance was measured to be ≈5mΩ for each terminal, yielding a total ESR from mounting of 10 mOhms.

Is 1N914 the same as 1N4148?

The 1N914 diode is considered equivalent to the 1N4148 diode.

What does a 1N914 diode do?

The 1N914 is a small signal diode which can handle low voltage and low current. The diode can switch at high speed and hence normal used in switching applications and not in rectifier applications.

What are the difference of 1N4001 and 1N4007 rectifier diodes?

Differences are : Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage of 1N4001 is 50V while that of 1N4007 is 1000V. RMS Reverse Voltage of 1N4001 is 35V while that of 1N4007 is 700V. Typical Junction Capacitance of 1N4001 is 15pF while that of 1N4007 is 8pF.

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