What type of battery does a Traxxas Slash use?

What type of battery does a Traxxas Slash use?

Traxxas TRA2925 Series 1 Power Cell 6-Cell NiMH Battery, 1200mAh (NiMH, 6-C flat, 7.2V, 2/3A)

How long do Traxxas LiPo batteries last?

Traxxas Power Cells typically last 500-1,000 charge-discharge cycles before they require replacement. This also varies, and is largely impacted by the type of Power Cell that you use. For instance, LiPo cells commonly last 300-500 cycles, while the NiMH variants last closer to 1,000 cycles!

What is the biggest Traxxas battery?

25C LiPo Battery
6700mAh 14.8v 4-Cell 25C LiPo Battery | Traxxas.

How much is a Traxxas battery?

Ez-Peak Live

Batteries Charged at Once 1
Traxxas iD Compatible Yes
In-Depth Display Yes*
Bluetooth Capable Yes*
Price $99.99

Can I use LiPo instead of NiMH?

Most people will eventually upgrade to LiPo after getting used to running their RC car or buggy on a NiMH battery. The main attractions to LiPo batteries are more speed, more “punch” off the line and more consistent power during the duration of the run compared to NiMH batteries.

Is it OK to leave a LiPo battery charge overnight?

Never overcharge a LiPo battery. Never leave your LiPo batteries sitting around on a full charge for more than 2-3 days. If by the 3rd day you realize you are not going to use your battery today, you need to discharge your battery down to 3.6v-3.8v per cell for safe storage until you are ready to use the battery again.

What battery does Traxxas Maxx use?

LiPo battery
Traxxas recommends a 4-cell 14.8V Power Cell LiPo battery for maximum performance. A 3-cell 11.1V LiPo battery will operate the vehicle with reduced performance.

Does the Traxxas Slash come with a battery?

Ready-To-Race Transmitter, battery, charger, and painted and decaled body are all included.

Are LiPo batteries worth it?

LiPo batteries are generally safer and more environmentally friendly than other R/C batteries like NiCd and NiMH. LiPo batteries have become the most common high performance R/C battery and are used in R/C cars, boats, planes, helis, multirotors and more.

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