What titles has Sting won?

What titles has Sting won?

Over the following 11 years, he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on one further occasion and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times. As a result, he became the only wrestler to have won the NWA, WCW, and TNA World Titles in a career.

Who held the NWA championship the longest?

Lou Thesz
The longest reigning champion is Lou Thesz, who held the title from November 27, 1949 to March 15, 1956, for a total of 2,300 days (6 years, 3 months, and 16 days); Thesz also holds the record for longest combined reigns at 3,749 days.

Who was the first black NWA champion?

By defeating Vader, Simmons became the first recognized African American WCW World Heavyweight Champion and the second African American wrestler to win a World Heavyweight title. Simmons held the title for five months.

How many titles does the NWA have?

The promotion currently has 6 championships. The list includes the number of times the wrestler has held the title, the date and location of the win, and a description of the winning bout….Current champions.

Current champion(s) La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450)
Date won August 29, 2021
Days held 161
Location St. Louis, Missouri

What is the oldest wrestling belt?

World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship
The World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship was the first recognized professional wrestling world heavyweight championship created in 1905 to identify the best catch as catch can wrestler in the world.

Who was the very first black wrestler?

Houston Harris (July 10, 1924 – January 20, 1998) was an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Bobo Brazil….

Bobo Brazil
Died January 20, 1998 (aged 73) St. Joseph, Michigan, U.S.
Children 6
Professional wrestling career

How many black WWE champions are there?

We take a look at WWE’s all Six Black WWE champions ever Interestingly enough one can count on their hands the amount of WWE Champions that there have been ever. Let’s have a look at the six Black WWE champions the company has ever seen.

Who is the NWA National Champion?

Chris Adonis
NWA National Heavyweight Championship

NWA National Championship
Date established January 12, 1980
Current champion(s) Chris Adonis
Date won June 7, 2021
Other name(s)

Who is the current NWA World Champion?

Trevor Murdoch

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) Trevor Murdoch
Date won August 29, 2021
Other name(s)
NWA World Heavyweight Championship

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