What tennis backpack should I get?

What tennis backpack should I get?

If you are a tennis coach or anyone who needs more than six tennis racquets with you at all time, a 9- to 15-pack tennis bag is the practical option. If you only carry a couple of racquets, but need room for your tennis shoes and extra gear, you can go middle of the road and choose a 3-pack or 6-pack tennis bag.

What are the best tennis bags?

The Best Tennis Bags For 2021

Bag Size (Length x Width x Height) Racquet Capacity
Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Backpack 32 x 20 x 50cm 2
Geau Sport Axiom Racket Bag 71 x 30 x 32cm 4
Babolat Pure Drive 6 Pack Bag 75 x 32 x 32cm 6
Yonex Pro Racquet 9 Pack Bag 79 x 38 x 38cm 9

What tennis bag does Roger Federer use?

The latest evolution of the RF DNA 12 Pack embodies the premium, classic style of Roger’s collection with state-of-the-art design and functionality for tennis players.

What tennis bag does Nadal use?

Babolat Pure
Can You Buy Rafael Nadal’s Racquet?

Nadal’s Racquet Babolat Pure Aero
Swing Weight 360 324
String Pattern 16 x 19 16 x 19
Grip Style Babolat Syntec Pro Black + Babolat VS Original White Overgrip Babolat Syntec Pro
Stiffness 72 67

Can I use a normal backpack for tennis?

The main reason normal backpacks do not work so well for tennis equipment is the way the racquets fit in the bag. Tennis backpacks have a separate compartment for racquets, allowing it to fully zip up while leaving room for the grips to stick out. This leaves more room for your other items in the other pockets.

What should I pack in my tennis bag?

What To Put In Your Tennis Bag?

  • Tennis Balls. Obviously another crucial item to playing tennis are tennis balls.
  • Water Bottle. No matter the temperature you’re playing in, you should always bring a sports drink or water bottle.
  • Towels.
  • Sun Protection.
  • Extra Clothes.
  • Extra Pair of Shoes.
  • Stretching Gear.
  • Backup Strings.

What is a tennis bag called?

For the most high-intensity players, the 12-pack, also known as a Supersix or Supercombi bag, is the way to go. With one compartment (approx 3-4 inches wide) large enough to hold 3-4 tennis racquets, and often equipped with ThermoGuard, this is the largest of the racquet bags.

Why are tennis bags insulated?

Thermal Guard technology includes an insulated lining on the inside of the tennis bag to protect your frame and strings from extreme weather and moisture that can be detrimental to your racquet.

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