What stores are in Penn Station?

What stores are in Penn Station?

Store list – Stores in Penn Station Shopping Center

  • Ace Cash Express.
  • Browns Market.
  • Burger King.
  • Crazy Grill & Buffet.
  • Cricket Wireless.
  • DD’s Discounts.
  • Democracy Federal Credit Union.
  • Discount Cigarettes.

What is there to do around Penn Station?

The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Central Park.
  • Empire State Building.
  • Top of the Rock.
  • Statue of Liberty.
  • Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Manhattan Skyline.
  • Does Moynihan station have food?

    Hungry and thirsty Moynihan Train Hall users no longer have to trudge outside to neighborhood joints to eat and make merry. Vornado Realty Trust just launched the Moynihan Food Hall, a 25,000-square-foot cluster of a dozen, “curated” vendors on Penn Station’s ground floor, all chosen for their Big Apple connections.

    Where can I meet at Penn Station?

    There is a big overhead message board with arrivals and departures in the main hall— a great place to meet.

    How do I get to the Statue of Liberty from Penn Station?

    There is no direct connection from Pennsylvania Station (New York City) to Statue of Liberty. However, you can take the walk to 34 St-Penn Station, take the line 1 subway to South Ferry, take the walk to Battery Park, take the ferry to Liberty Island, then take the walk to Statue of Liberty.

    Does Penn Station have lockers?

    ARE THERE LOCKERS AT PENN STATION? Due to increased security following the Sept 11th attacks, there are no longer storage lockers at Penn Station nor is there a live luggage attendant. Apparently, the only option available for baggage inside of Penn Station is for those with Amtrak tickets.

    What restaurants are in Moynihan Station?

    Shop & Dine.

  • Blue Bottle Coffee (Concourse Level)
  • The Bar (Food Hall | Concourse Level)
  • Chopt Creative Salad Company (Food Hall | Concourse Level)
  • Damselfly Flowers (Concourse Level)
  • Duane Reade by Walgreens (Concourse Level)
  • H&H Bagels (Concourse Level)
  • Lovepop Cards (Concourse Level)
  • What restaurants are in Penn Station NYC?

    Top 10 Best Penn Station Restaurants in New York, NY

    • Moynihan Train Hall. 3.2 mi. 54 reviews.
    • Tracks Raw Bar & Grill. 3.1 mi. 291 reviews.
    • Friedmans. 3.0 mi. 2576 reviews.
    • Tavola. 3.5 mi. 1051 reviews.
    • Pennsylvania 6 NYC. 3.0 mi. 545 reviews.
    • Katz’s Delicatessen. 1.3 mi.
    • Best Bagel & Coffee. 3.3 mi.
    • Jack Doyle’s Bar & Restaurant. 3.3 mi.

    Does Penn Station have elevators?

    Accessibility & Elevators Elevators between the street and the station are located at the main entrances on 7th Avenue, on 34th Street, and on the Service Drive (the former taxiway, now closed to vehicles). Elevators to tracks 1-12 are located at the Exit Concourse and the NJ Transit Concourse.

    How far is Penn Station from NYC?

    The driving distance from Penn Station to New York is 4 km.

    What is the ZIP code for Penn Station?

    ZIP code of 30th Street Train Station (PA) is 19104. Below you can find map of 30th Street Train Station, or look up other ZIP codes in Pennsylvania or other US states. If 30th Street Train Station’s ZIP code is duplicated, and other places have same ZIP code number, you can use our ZIP code searcher by number 19104.

    Is Penn Station a franchise?

    All but one location is franchised. As a franchisor, Penn Station is known for its outstanding profitability and return on investment. Penn Station was named one of the Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes in 2016 and one of the Best Franchise Deals by QSR Magazine in 2016 and 2017.

    Are Penn Station and Grand Central Station the same?

    New York City has two main rail stations: Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station. Grand Central is on the East Side, in Midtown, and Penn Station is on the West Side, just below Midtown. Both are served by numerous bus and subway lines.

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