What soundtrack was Same Song by Digital Underground?

What soundtrack was Same Song by Digital Underground?

Nothing But Trouble
“Same Song” is a song by American rap group Digital Underground—featuring future hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur, in his recording debut—from the soundtrack for the movie, Nothing But Trouble.

What movie was all around the world Same Song in?

Nothing but Trouble
Same Song/Movie

Is Shock G and Humpty the same person?

UPDATE: Digital Underground founding member Shock G, best known as his alter ego, MC Humpty Hump, died from an accidental overdose, medical examiners said today. The news was confirmed by Chopmaster J (aka James Dight), who co-founded the Underground with Shock G (born Gregory Jacobs) in 1987.

What did Tupac do in Digital Underground?

Strictly for Hip Hop Heads Before Thug Life, before Death Row, the East Coast–West Coast beef, before Makaveli, before he went down as one of the most iconic rappers of all time, Tupac Shakur was a roadie and backup dancer, making his way through the Oakland hip hop scene with Digital Underground.

Who sings the Humpty Hump?

Digital Underground
The Humpty Dance/Artists

1 on the Billboard Rap Singles chart. The song is sung by Shock G’s alter ego, “Humpty Hump”, marking the character’s second musical appearance; the first was Digital Underground’s “Doowutchyalike,” a pre-album video-single released in the spring of 1989.

Was Kel Mitchell in Digital Underground?

Shock G and his revolving cast of cohorts (which has included Money B, Chopmaster J, Numskull, Kel Mitchell and a host of others) built a bridge between the flair of Funk and the reality of Rap.

Was Digital Underground in a movie?

Nothing but Trouble is a 1991 American black comedy horror film directed by Dan Aykroyd in his directorial debut, and written by Aykroyd, based on a story by his brother Peter. Tupac Shakur made his acting debut in this film, as a member of the rap group Digital Underground. …

What movie is Shock G?

Nothing but Trouble1991
Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel 22002Digital Underground: Raw and Uncut2004Who’s the Man?1993
Shock G/Appears in

Is that Humpty’s real nose?

The group found fame with the Billboard Top 10 hit “Humpty Dance” in 1990, as the performer, born Greg Jacobs, donned a Groucho Marx-style fake nose and glasses to become one of his many alter egos, Humpty Hump.

Did Shock G have a brother?

Shock G is survived by his mother, Shirley Kraft; father, Edward Racker; brother, Kent Racker; and sister, Elizabeth Racker.

Is Shock G of Digital Underground dead?

Deceased (1963–2021)
Shock G/Living or Deceased

Did Shock G pass away?

April 22, 2021
Shock G/Date of death

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