What size is a 55cm road bike?

What size is a 55cm road bike?

What’s the right road bike size for me?

Rider Height Suggested Road Bike Size
Feet & Inches Centimetres Frame Size (cm)
5’3″ – 5’6″ 160cm – 168cm Small (51cm – 53cm)
5’6″ – 5’9″ 168cm – 175cm Medium (54cm – 55cm)
5’9″ – 6’0″ 175cm – 183cm Large (56cm – 58cm)

What height does a 55cm bike fit?


51cm (XXS-XS) 55cm (S-M)
RIDER HEIGHT CM / FT 144.7-160 cm 4’9″-5’2″ 167.6 -175.2 cm 5’5”-5’9”
RIDER INSEAM CM / INCHES Measured from crotch to floor. 68-74cm 27.5″-29″ 77.9 – 82.0 cm 30.7”-32.3”

How do you measure a Lemond bike frame?

Remember Lemond frames are measured c-c, that is, from center of bottom bracket to center of top tube. Most frames seem to be measured c-t, from center of bottom bracket to top of top tube.

What size bike is Greg Lemond?

And this wonderful eBay find is a fine example of the racing frame that Lemond won that Tour on: a carbon-fibre Greg Lemond TVT 92, painted in his Z team colours, in a size 57cm – with a few extras thrown in, too.

What height is a 52cm bike?

Measurements for standard road bikes

Height Inside Leg Frame Size
5’3”– 5’5” 28”-30” 50cm
5’5”-5’7” 29”-31” 52cm
5’7”-5’9” 30”-32” 54cm
5’9”-5’11” 31”-33” 56cm

Can I ride a 52cm bike?

It depends on how the bike is measured. If the 52 is a level top tube and actual seat tube length, I would say no, the bike is too small. If the bike is a sloping top tube and the actual seat tube is 52, then maybe. If the 52 is a virtual size, and the actual seat tube is less say 48 or whatever, then no.

What does bike size 56 mean?

56 – 58 (Medium – Large) 5’11” – 6’2″ 180 – 188. 58 – 60 (Large)

What size is a 54 road bike?

Road Bike Sizing Guide

Determining Your Road Bike Frame Size
5’0″ – 5’3″ 26.5″ – 28″ 48 – 50 cm
5’2″ – 5’5″ 27.5″ – 29″ 50 – 52 cm
5’4″ – 5’7″ 28.5″ – 30″ 52 – 54 cm
5’6″ – 5’9″ 29.5″ – 31″ 54 – 56 cm

What should my saddle height be?

If your saddle height is correct, your heel should just graze the pedal at the bottom of the pedal stroke (in the 6 o’clock position). When riding, if you encounter pain at the front of your knee, raise the saddle slightly. If you have pain in the back of the knee, drop the saddle.

How do you use the LeMond method?

He also derived the LeMond formula to determine saddle height. It’s pretty simple: 0.883 times your inside leg measurement. To find your inside leg length, the best bet is to stand without shoes facing a wall and push a book firmly up between your legs until it rests hard against your sit bones.

What happened to LeMond bikes?

In 2010, Trek announced it would cease producing the LeMond bike line, and LeMond’s presence in the bike industry was limited to a separate line of wind trainers. Now, LeMond has revived his eponymous brand and the hyperkinetic ex-racer is clearly pouring his energy into the new venture.

Is LeMond owned by Trek?

Trek Bicycle Corporation began its business relationship with LeMond in 1995 and, since then, has produced the LeMond Racing Cycles brand of road bikes. In 1999, the LeMond line was one of the fastest growing road bike brands and one of the top five largest road bike brands in the United States.

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