What should be included in HR orientation?

What should be included in HR orientation?

Orientation Meeting

  1. Introduction to the company, its mission, functions and culture.
  2. Review of company organizational chart.
  3. Employee handbook review.
  4. Benefits plan information, discussion and preliminary enrollment.

What is HR orientation?

Orientation is the planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, coworkers, and the organization. In large organizations, managers and supervisors, as well as the HR department, should work as a team in employee orientation.

How do you conduct employee orientation?

Make a great first impression. Keep onboarding information simple. Get your new hires acquainted. Use research to enhance effectiveness….Employee orientation must-haves:

  1. Company safety rules.
  2. Company policies.
  3. Trainings.
  4. Potential hazards.
  5. Food & beverage.
  6. Relevant departments.
  7. Important contacts.

How do you plan a new employee orientation?

How to design an effective orientation program

  1. Welcome the employee. From the time the new employee walks in the door, the focus should be on easing their anxiety.
  2. Provide the employee handbook.
  3. Go over policies.
  4. Thoroughly explain the details of the job.
  5. Set goals and action steps.
  6. Clearly define overarching expectations.

What is an orientation checklist?

Orientation checklists keep employees’ first days organized and ensure new hires experience successful orientation days. These checklists require significant preparation and knowledge about the company. These checklists help new hires adjust to new environments quickly.

What should be included in orientation program?

Your orientation program can provide employees with a proper introduction to your company, what’s expected and where they fit in to overall goals.

  1. Orientation Outline and Facility Tour.
  2. Introduction to Co-Workers.
  3. Review Employee Handbook and Paperwork.
  4. Review Goals and Job Expectations.
  5. Provide Training and Shadowing.

How do you make a checklist orientation?


  1. Explain hours of work/shift.
  2. Pay Days.
  3. Grooming & dress code.
  4. Vacation time.
  5. Sick leave.
  6. Breaks.
  7. Explain training procedures & expectations.
  8. Explain performance evaluation.

What are the 3 types of employee orientation?

Traditional orientation, interactive orientation, and reorientation.

What are four basic rules of orientation?

The Four C’s of Orientation.

  • Clarification.
  • Compliance.
  • Connection.
  • Culture.
  • How do you make a checklist for orientation?

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