What school district is Maricopa Arizona in?

What school district is Maricopa Arizona in?

Maricopa Unified School District
Maricopa Unified School District #20 / Homepage.

How many students are in Maricopa Unified School District?


Total Students: 7,492
Classroom Teachers (FTE): 365.80
Student/Teacher Ratio: 20.48
Students with IEPs: 1,289

What division is Maricopa High School?

School Information

Street Address 45012 West Honeycutt Avenue
School District Maricopa Unified #20
Conference 6A – Desert Southwest
School Colors Red, White, Black
Mascot Rams

How many students attend Maricopa High?

Maricopa High School/Number of students

What is the largest school district in Arizona?

MESA PUBLIC SCHOOLS As the largest school district by student enrollment in Arizona, MPS educates more than 64,500 students in 82 schools and programs.

How many teachers are in Maricopa County?

Total Students: 139
Classroom Teachers (FTE): 18.00
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7.72
Students with IEPs: 28

How many school districts are in Maricopa County?

58 school districts
Maricopa County is home to 58 school districts that serve over 700,000 students. School districts are classified as elementary districts (kindergarten- 8th grade), union high school districts (9-12th grades), and unified school districts (kindergarten through 12th grade).

What county is Maricopa AZ in?

Pinal County

How old is Maricopa High School?

Maricopa High School is a high school in Maricopa, Arizona under the jurisdiction of the Maricopa Unified School District. Maricopa High School was opened in 1955 with the first freshman class on 35 students, and for the next decade, it held fewer than 100 students.

When was Maricopa High School built?

Maricopa High School/Founded

What’s the biggest high school in AZ?

Hamilton High School
It is Arizona’s largest high school and 64th largest in the nation, with more than 4,100 students….Hamilton High School (Chandler, Arizona)

Hamilton High School
Principal Michael De La Torre
Faculty 191.25 (FTE)
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 3,933 (2019-20)

What is the smallest school district in the United States?

Austin Area Junior Senior High School serves grades 7–12 and is the smallest school in the state….Austin High School (Austin, Pennsylvania)

Austin Area Junior Senior High School
Grades 7-12
Age 13 years old to 21 years old special education
Number of students 79 (2017-18)

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