What rank is ga for infrastructure and global access?

What rank is ga for infrastructure and global access?

Ranked No. 1 for infrastructure and access to global markets by Area Development, Georgia is home to the busiest airport in the world (Hartsfield-Jackson), and one of the busiest ports in the U.S. (Port of Savannah), and offers a robust rail and highway infrastructure.

What is the main industry in Atlanta?

The Atlanta economy is the 10th largest in the country and 18th in the world with an estimated 2014 GDP of over $324 billion….Dominant sectors.

Sector Employees (thousands)
Government 311.9
Education and health services 282.3
Leisure and hospitality 218.3
Manufacturing 146.5

How wide is I-285 in Atlanta?

eight to twelve lanes wide
I-285 is eight to twelve lanes wide, with the northern part from I-75 to SR 400 to I-85 the most heavily traveled. One segment of the highway near Spaghetti Junction (a large, flyover highway interchange northeast of Atlanta) with I-85 widens to eighteen lanes, including collector-distributor lanes.

Is Atlanta a thriving city?

A Big City with Even Bigger Companies Atlanta is home to 16 Fortune 500 companies, plus some of the world’s most beloved brands. Atlanta has a growing tech community and the talent to staff any venture you could imagine.

Is GA a poor state?

In Georgia, 19 percent of residents lived in poverty. According to Bread’s analysis, the state also had one of the highest participation rates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps).

Who is the largest employer in Atlanta?

Emory University
Ranked by Full-time employees in metro Atlanta as of 12/31/2020

Rank Employer
1 Emory University 5 201 Dowman Dr. Atlanta, GA 30322 404-727-6123 emory.edu
2 Delta Air Lines Inc. P.O Box 20706 Atlanta, GA 404-715-2600 delta.com
3 Northside Hospital Inc. 1000 Johnson Ferry Rd. N.E. Atlanta, GA 30342 404-851-8000 northside.com

What is the highest paid job in Georgia?

The 100 Highest Paying Jobs In Georgia For 2022

  • Vice President, Products Marketing.
  • Pain Management Physician.
  • President Chief Technology Officer.
  • Board Certified Orthodontist.
  • Consultant And Sales Representative.
  • Chief Medical Officer.
  • Senior Vice President Of Marketing.
  • Vice President Worldwide Sales.

What city has the most lanes?

Also see: Traffic Volumes & Highway Capacity Daily Travel & Highway Capacity per Capita

Rank Urban Area Freeway Lane Miles per 1,000 Population
1 Kansas City MO-KS 1.241
2 Fort Worth TX 0.894
3 Dallas TX 0.885
4 St. Louis MO-IL 0.883

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