What nationality is Stephanie Powers?

What nationality is Stephanie Powers?

Stefanie Powers/Nationality

Hollywood, California, U.S. Stefanie Powers (born Stefania Zofya Paul; November 2, 1942) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Jennifer Hart on the mystery television series Hart to Hart (1979–1984), for which she received nominations for two Primetime Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards.

Is Stephanie Powers still living and how old is she?

Stefania Zofya Federkiewicz is 77 years old as of 2019, she was born on November 2nd, 1942, in Hollywood, California, United States. She celebrates her birthday every November 2nd of every year. Powers will be turning 78 years old on November 2nd, 2020.

How old is Stephanie Powers?

79 years (November 2, 1942)
Stefanie Powers/Age

Where is Stefanie Powers now?

Though Powers still works in Hollywood, the actress says she only spends part of her time there. She also has a farm on the South Downs in East Sussex, England, and a home in Kenya.

How many languages can Stefanie Powers speak?

Stefanie Powers/Languages
Powers’ linguistic skills (she speaks Polish, being of Polish descent, French, Italian, Spanish, Swahili and “smatterings” of Mandarin and Cantonese), dance training and an early interest in bullfighting were written into episodes of the series.

How did Stephanie Powers Meet William Holden?

“He had an apartment where he would go and drink,” said Powers. “I was filming ‘Hart to Hart’ in Hawaii. We had come back from location that Friday and he wasn’t returning my phone calls.” Powers said she made several attempts to contact Holden, but she never heard back.

How many languages does Stefanie Powers speak?

Is Stephanie Powers still married?

Although she has been married twice — once to actor Gary Lockwood (from 1966 to 1972) and later to a French count, Patrick Houitte de la Chesnais (1993 to 1999), it is clear that Holden was the love of her life. She has no children, but says today: ‘I would have had a child with Bill, had he been able to.

Did Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner Date?

Speaking about the extraordinary chemistry that permeated her on-screen marriage to Robert Wagner, aka Jonathan Hart, Powers says: ‘We chose to be together. We loved each other. We adored everything about each other.

Who was William Holden’s love interest?

Check out what’s clicking today in entertainment. Stefanie Powers opened up about her romance with William Holden. The Oscar-winning actor passed away in 1981 at age 63.

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