What MCAT score do I need for UF?

What MCAT score do I need for UF?

We do not require a minimum MCAT score to receive a secondary invitation this cycle; however, a minimum of 495 is required for interview consideration. Our average science GPA is 3.79; our average MCAT is 514.

What is the application deadline for UF?

Nov. 1
Application Due Applications must be received by UF Admissions no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on Nov. 1 for consideration in the priority applicant round. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a space-available basis, with a final admissions deadline of March 1.

Does UF med require CASPer?

NEW TO UF beginning in the 2019 Admissions season is the requirement for applicants to complete CASPer®, a situational judgement test and general screening for personal/professional characteristics. The test takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

When can I apply to UF for fall 2021?

Fall programs start in August, with an application deadline in May. Spring programs start in January, with an application deadline in September. Summer programs start in May, with an application deadline in February.

Is 495 a good MCAT score?

Is 495 a good MCAT score? Attaining a score of 495 on the MCAT means you performed in the 35% percentile. An even distribution for the section scores is preferred.

Is 3.6 A good GPA for med school?

Many medical schools require that you have at least a 3.0 minimum GPA to even apply to medical school. For those who have a GPA between 3.6 and 3.8, the chances of getting into a medical school increase to 47%. 66% of applicants with a GPA greater or equal to 3.8 get accepted into medical school.

Is UF rolling admissions?

Final decisions are rendered on a rolling basis. Your UF Online application and application fee are valid for one academic year. If you apply for one term and your timeline changes, we can easily roll your application to a future term. To learn more about the admissions process, click here.

Is the University of Florida still accepting applications?

The University of Florida has a single deadline of November 1st, 2021. You are strongly encouraged to apply by the FSU early deadline as your chances for admission are significantly diminished if you wait to apply.

Is UF med pass fail?

Classes are taken pass/fail, meaning that as long as students get a 75, they get a pass. UF’s College of Medicine also offers a special pathway to admission called the Medical Honors Program where students can apply in the second year of undergraduate and by their fourth year be enrolled in medical school classes.

Is UF a good medical school?

The University of Florida College of Medicine remains Florida’s top-ranked medical school, and in research and primary care it stands among the nation’s elite institutions, according to the latest graduate school rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report.

What percentile is a 510 on the MCAT?

MCAT Total Score to Percentile Rank- 2021-2022

Total Score Percentile
509 75
510 78
511 81
512 84

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