What level is Mummymon?

What level is Mummymon?

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution Mummymon is #151, and is an Ultimate-level, MP-type, Dark-species Digimon with a resistance to the Dark element and a weakness to the Holy element.

Is Creepymon a daemon?

Daemon (also known as Creepymon) is a powerful Demon Lord Digimon. He is a minor antagonist in Digimon Adventure 02, the main antagonist in the manga Digimon V-Tamer 01, and the secondary antagonist in the video game Digimon World Data Squad. He was voiced by the late Bob Papenbrook.

How is daemon pronounced?

The word daemon is an alternative spelling of demon, and is pronounced /ˈdiːmən/ DEE-mən.

Who defeated BlackWarGreymon?

The raging battle spread into the nearby city, neither side able to gain the upper hand until the fight was joined by Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, who together with WarGreymon finally defeated BlackWarGreymon.

What is digdigimon Masters?

Digimon Masters is the latest MMO featuring the ever-popular Digimon franchise. This long awaited game will feature a deeper RPG experience, enhanced graphics and adrenaline-pumping real-time combat.

Is Mummymon a good Digimon?

Mummymon is #228, and is an Ultimate-level, Tank-class, Dark-species Digimon with a resistance to the Dark element and weakness to the Light element. Its basic stats are 225 HP, 226 MP, 132 Attack, 116 Defense, 87 Spirit, 97 Speed, and 48 Aptitude.

How do I use X-Antibody Digimon?

To use the Digimon in the form X-Antibody, you must be have a XAI (X-Antibody Indicator) equipped in your Tamer window, X-Evolution form comsumes certain Tamer’s X-Gauge (like a Tamer D.S. bar) to evolve and continually consumed after Digivolution (at a rate of 4 XG every 4 seconds). X-Gauge can be restored by 200 by using X-Antibody item.

Is Mummymon a necromancer?

Mummymon is a Ghost Digimon. Its whole body is wrapped in bandages in the manner of an Egyptian mummy. It is also known as the “Necromancer” due to its summoning and manipulation of the reluctant souls (residual data) of annihilated Digimon.

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