What language do Daleks speak?

What language do Daleks speak?

Now in the Germany scene in The Stolen Earth, the Daleks were definitely speaking German because of the assimilation. The only explanation I can find for Martha hearing German and the TARDIS not translating, is that she spoke some German anyway.

What happened to Skaro?

The destruction of Skaro (PROSE: The Whoniverse) occurred when the Seventh Doctor tricked Davros into destroying the ancestral home of the Daleks during the conclusion of the Shoreditch Incident during the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War.

What happened to the Kaleds?

Near the end of the war, Davros was studying the effects of radiation on Skaro’s flora and fauna. He concluded that the Kaleds would have to mutate into a new form of life, the Daleks, to survive Skaro’s decimated biosphere. The Kaleds are exterminated en masse.

How is Skaro back?

The latter came to be during the Thousand Year War between the Thals and Kaleds because of the actions of the Kaled scientist Davros. Subsequent attacks on the planet caused by the Dalek presence would nearly destroy it, but eventually, Skaro was remade by the Daleks and became the centre of the Dalek Empire once more.

Who is the human Dalek?

Biology. Sec as a human-Dalek was like a cross between a Dalek and a human form, with a Kaled mutant-shaped head (including six tentacles on the sides and with a partially-exposed brain), and brown, slimy skin. Other than that, he was identical to a human in all respects. He was also prone to feeling human emotions.

How did Kaleds become Daleks?

The Daleks originate during the Kaled-Thal War, which is portrayed as a thousand-year-long war of attrition, fought with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, with weapons becoming progressively less sophisticated as resources became scarcer, not the short nuclear exchange previously described.

Are the Voord Cybermen?

The Voord are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants portrayed in the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who. In one of those stories, written by Grant Morrison, the Voord are revealed to have evolved into the iconic Doctor Who villains the Cybermen. …

Are the Thals extinct?

The Thals were all exterminated by Davros’ Daleks and they lost the thousand year war. There are a couple of stories (i.e. The Mutant Phase) which make use of Thals but their timeline really makes one wonder. This whole comment is going to be a massive spoiler for Genesis of the Daleks so you’ve been warned.

What are the balls on a Dalek?

The lower half of a Dalek’s shell is covered with hemispherical protrusions, or ‘Dalek-bumps’, which are shown in the episode “Dalek” to be spheres embedded in the casing.

What is Skaro?

Do you like this video? Skaro is an alien world from the universe of Doctor Who. This planet was once inhabited by two humanoid civilisations known as the Thals and the Kaleds, but the planet suffered catastrophic ecological damage as a result of centuries of war between its two cultures.

What was life like on Skaro?

Much of Skaro was a wasteland, devoid of all life after centuries of war. ( TV: Genesis of the Daleks ) A jungle once grew near the Dalek City. Following an exchange of neutron bombs, the jungle was petrified. Radiation levels across most of the planet remained high. There were less irradiated plateaus where the Thals lived. ( TV: The Daleks )

What are some of the most notorious conurbations on Skaro?

The Darrien province and the Kaled Dome dated back to the Kaled / Thal occupation of the planet, ( TV: The Daleks) but by far the most notorious and enduring conurbation on Skaro was the Dalek City, built by the Daleks immediately after their emergence ( COMIC: Power Play) and used as their main base of power on Skaro throughout their history.

Is Skaro under Dalek control?

By 4000 Skaro appeared to be under Dalek control, as Daleks on Kembel requested a Dalek time machine from Skaro. ( TV: The Daleks’ Master Plan) During a Dalek War in the 41st century, Merrick Kingdom was part of a landing party on Skaro.

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