What kind of differential does a Mustang have?

What kind of differential does a Mustang have?

The majority of Mustangs come equipped with a limited-slip type differential called Traction-Lok from Ford. A limited slip differential maintains traction by “sensing” when one wheel is slipping, locking the wheels together and thereby redirecting greater torque to the non-slipping wheel.

Do Mustangs have differentials?

Mustangs have used limited-slip differentials on-and-off throughout the years. When the Mustang first launched, it came with the option of a limited-slip differential. Since then, limited-slip differentials have become a standard feature in Mustangs.

What Mustangs have 8.8 rear end?

All 1979-1985 Mustangs featured the 7.5 rear end. Starting in 1986 Ford introduced the popular 8.8” rear end in the Mustang. From 1986-2010 the Ford Mustang 8.8 rear end went into all V8 Mustangs (5.0L, 4.6L and 5.4L) and the Ford 7.5” rear end went into all 4 cylinder (2.3L) and V6 Mustangs (3.8L).

What rear gears are in my Mustang?

Mustang Stock Rear Gear Ratios

Axle Code Rear Gear Ratio Notes
R 3.25 Limited Slip Differential
S 3.50 Limited Slip Differential
T 3.07 Limited Slip Differential
U 3.08 Limited Slip Differential

What rear differential do I have?

To figure out exactly what axle you have, you can look for the Dana stamped bill of materials number. This stamped number can usually be found on the righthand side or on the longer axletube on the same side of the tube as the differential cover, facing the rear of the truck.

Which Mustangs have limited slip differential?

All S550 Mustangs arrive with a limited-slip differential. This allows for better power transmission to the pavement. A standard open differential has no way to limit power from a slipping wheel and transfer it to the wheel with traction.

WHAT WILL 4.10 gears do?

Installing 4.10 gears improves the car’s performance on the track but with negligible effects to the highway driving. Switching from a gear set of 3.55 or 3.73 to 4.10 gears will affect your gas mileage slightly as your engine will be turning more times to rotate the rear wheels once.

What are the symptoms of a bad rear differential?

The main symptom of a bad differential is noise. The differential may make noises, such as whining, howling, clunking and bearing noises. Vibration and oil leaking from the rear differential seal may also be signs of a failing differential.

What gear ratio is right for my Mustang?

Other Contributing Factors Depending on what gear ratio you choose you’ll give your Mustang more acceleration or top end speed Remember to check which gear ratio you already have before deciding on a new set Numerically lower ratios produce top speed while numerically higher ratios produce more off the line acceleration

What does differential do I have in the rear?

In short, your rear differential allows for a pair of tires to move in the same direction while rotating at different speeds. Without getting too much into the physics, the differential distributes an equal amount of torque to each wheel which enables them to react to any resistance provided by the differential while also providing traction.

Do front wheel drive cars have rear differential?

No. Rear wheel drive cars have a rear differential to allow the rear wheels to spin at different speeds while conering. The front wheels can naturally ​spin at different speeds as they are not connected by one long axle.

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