What kind of compressor is a dbx 160a?

What kind of compressor is a dbx 160a?

The dbx 160 is a Voltage Controlled Amplifier compressor that uses a transformerless, solid-state design that has endured for decades. The program-dependent compression, combined with multiple gain stage components, creates a sound that is uniquely its own.

What is dbx 160 compressor used for?

Simple to Use, Timeless Character With the same simple control set and at‑a‑glance metering of the original, the dbx 160 plug‑in makes it easy to crush a parallel drum bus, or inject subtle fatness. It can also add aggressiveness and impact to everything from guitar power chords to a hip‑hop vocal.

What is DBX over easy?

With dbx’s “OverEasy” compression, some gain reduction begins to occur several dB below the threshold, albeit at a lower ratio than that selected by the front panel control, and as the input level gets closer & closer to the threshold the gain reduction ratio increases closer & closer to the amount selected via the …

What type of compressor is a DBX?

The DBX 160 (also referred to as 160 VU), designed by David Blackmer and released in 1976, is an early VCA (voltage-controlled amplifier) type compressor / limiter. This half-rack unit features simple controls (threshold, compression, output) and a large VU meter with switchable function.

Are dbx compressors good?

Solid, easy to use compressor I have had experience with various incarnations of the 160 for years. The 160a is an easy to use, good-sounding incarnation of the legendary dbx lineage. I use mine as a tracking compressor, and have used it successfully on guitar, bass, vocals… just about anything.

What does a dbx compressor do?

Adding a dbx® 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate to your live sound rig or studio gives you more dynamic control to help create a more polished, professional sound. Having compression in your audio chain gives you the ability to smooth out uneven levels, add sustain to guitars and fatten up your drums.

Where are DBX products made?

That dBx meter was related to their earlier CBS 600 extended range volume meter, developed and built at CBS….dbx (company)

Type Pro Audio Manufacturer
Headquarters Sandy, Utah , United States
Key people David E. Blackmer, Founder

What is an over easy compressor?

A function found on some dynamics processors – most frequently compressors – that gradually changes the function of gain versus level once the signal nears the threshold. In a normal compressor, for example, the signal is unaffected until it reaches the set threshold.

Which dbx compressor is best?

DBX 160A by Salvation The 160A is by far one of the best and most used compressors around. For me it is the “Go To” compressor in a mix session for kick and snare. I also use it during tracking sessions on vocals and bass very often.

Where are dbx products made?

What is a dbx limiter?

Is dbx still in business?

Sanju Chiba of ELPJ acquired the dbx division of BSR and after virtually shutting down, the professional products division of dbx was sold off as a separate business to Orban AKG which in turn was bought by Harman International.

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