What items sell best at silent auctions?

What items sell best at silent auctions?

Top Auction Item Categories

  1. Travel. Travel-related silent auction items are always a huge hit.
  2. Outings and Experiences.
  3. Sports Tickets, Memorabilia, and Activities.
  4. Music.
  5. Food.

What are some great auction items?

Top 20 Best Selling Silent Auction Items

Auction Item Description % Above Fair Market Value
Lottery ticket boards 460%
Weekend hotel packages 460%
Flight packages 400%
Unique event experiences 380%

What do you give for a silent auction?

Popular Silent Auction Gift Basket Ideas

  • Foodie’s Delight. Food is a way to bring everyone together.
  • Baby Gift Basket. At least one of your event guests will know someone who has or is expecting a new baby.
  • Man Crate.
  • Beer or Wine Sampler.
  • Spa Basket.
  • Garden in a box.

How do you show items for a silent auction?

Once you’ve imagined the best possible displays, you’ll need to write creative descriptions for your silent auction items.

  1. Start with catchy titles. Always lead with an eye-catching headline!
  2. Set the scene. Help your silent auction bidders imagine winning each item.
  3. Include the details.

How do you ask for auction items?

Silent Auction Request Letter

  1. Introduce yourself and your group.
  2. Include event description, date, time, and place.
  3. Explain your need, i.e. why you are raising funds.
  4. Explain their benefit, i.e. what’s in it for them.
  5. Specifically “ask” for their help.
  6. Give a psychological justification using “because”

How do I find auction items?

Steps for Procuring Auction Items

  1. Step 1: Review Donor Data.
  2. Step 2: Put Together a Procurement Team.
  3. Step 3: Solicit Auction Items.
  4. Step 4: Track Your Donations.
  5. Step 5: Print Out a Master List.

What are auction items?

Items for Live Auctions

  • Travel package. This is one of the most popular choices for auctions of all shapes and sizes.
  • Live artwork. Bidding on artwork at a charity auction is very common.
  • Pamper basket.
  • Signed memorabilia.
  • A personal chef for an evening.
  • Lottery ticket basket.
  • Homemade baked goods.
  • Season sports tickets.

How do I view live auction items?

3 Tips for Displaying Auction Items to Attract Fierce Bidding

  1. Display All Information Upfront. Click to Enlarge.
  2. Create a Shopping Experience. Think of your silent auction as a shopping experience for your guests.
  3. Provide Adequate Space. When setting up auction items for a silent auction, don’t clutter the tables.

How do I set up an auction table?

5 Quick Tips…

  1. Don’t overcrowd your tables. If it looks cluttered when you are doing preliminary set up, imagine how difficult and confusing it will be for your guests with 300 people in the room. (
  2. Keep tables simple and organized.
  3. Keep descriptions simple.
  4. Close sections on time.
  5. Best for Last.

What is a silent auction?

Silent auctions are a type of charity auction and nonprofit fundraising event. During silent auctions, organizations raise money by taking bids on auction items and selling each to the highest bidder. Bidding is either conducted by using paper bid sheets or mobile bidding software.

Are there any school auction ideas that are low cost?

These 9 school auction ideas come at little to no cost to your organization, leaving you with more money to use for your school’s initiatives. 42. School Art Projects If your school skews younger, a school art project is a low-cost, high-performing auction item idea.

What should I put in my school auction?

If your school skews younger, a school art project is a low-cost, high-performing auction item idea. Parents with younger children are completely enamored with things their children create. This poses the perfect opportunity for your school auction! 43. School Photos Photos from school picture day are memories that will last a lifetime.

Should you auction donated lessons?

When your audience is interested in education, a ‘Donated Lessons’ package makes perfect sense. Have your procurement team scour your community for professionals in an area of expertise and look for unique or valuable services you can include in your auction. The sky is the limit on how creative and lucrative these school auction items can be.

How can I support my community through my school auction?

If you’re planning on adding onto your building or simply want to place a plaque in someone’s honor, give your community the opportunity to support that person through your school auction. Your audience will see the exponential value of a name dedication. 4. Wine Wall

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