What is zoological garden called?

What is zoological garden called?

zoo, also called zoological garden or zoological park, place where wild animals and, in some instances, domesticated animals are exhibited in captivity.

What is zoological garden in biology?

Zoological park is a place where various living animals are kept within enclosures, displayed to public and may be used for study. For example, Alipore zoological gardens, Kolkata.

What is the importance of zoological garden?

In zoological parks, the care of animals is being taken in terms of proper food, proper habitat, treatment, comfort. Its main purpose is conservation of wildlife. Here, zoology, ecology and conservation biology can also be studied and research can be carried out.

What is a zoological garden Class 9?

It is a place where wild animals are kept under human observation in the natural environment. The main purpose of setting zoological parks are to maintain ecological balance in the environment and conserve wildlife.

Where is the zoological garden?

Zoological Garden, Alipore

Official logo of zoo
A white captive tiger in Alipur zoo Kolkata
Date opened 24 September 1875
Location No. 2, Alipore Road, Alipore, Kolkata-27, West Bengal, India
Coordinates 22.535913°N 88.332053°ECoordinates:22.535913°N 88.332053°E

What is a zoological park how is it useful to a scientist?

– Zoological parks as the name suggests are related to wild animals and their natural habitats in which they live. – These parks provide wood, helps to keep the ecological balance, and also increases the percentage of rainfall. – Zoological parks play a very important role in wildlife conservation.

What’s the meaning of zoological?

Definition of zoological 1 : of, relating to, or concerned with zoology. 2 : of, relating to, or affecting lower animals often as distinguished from humans. Other Words from zoological Example Sentences Learn More About zoological.

What are botanical and zoological gardens?

Zoological and botanical gardens are multi-purpose facilities the primary purpose of which is to contribute to the preservation of biological diversity through the keeping of animals and growing of plants, scientific and research work, and environmental education and awareness raising for the general public.

Why are botanical and zoological gardens important?

The main purpose of setting zoological parks is to maintain ecological balance in the environment and conserve wildlife. Botanical gardens are established for the scientific study of plants. They save species from extinction and other dangers.

What are the roles of zoological parks?

There are four main roles of zoos today. They are: conservation, research, education and recreation. breeding animals in captivity so they don’t become extinct. Zoos also work out in the wild conserving animals in their natural habitats.

What are botanical and zoological gardens explain?

Botanical gardens and zoological parks are specialised places where living plants are grown and living animals are kept (where they can reproduce too) respectively. Both, endemic (local) as well as exotic (foreign to that place) species are kept in these places.

What are the roles of zoological parks and botanical gardens?

Botanical gardens helps in conservation of plants by (i) Growing important local plant species and keeping record of them. Whereas zoological parks also contribute in conserving biodiversity by (i) Providing natural environment and open space to animals, i.e., wild life species.

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