What is WCF REST service?

What is WCF REST service?

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) is a secure, reliable, and scalable messaging platform that can be used to build Web services in . You can use WCF to build RESTful services in . NET. REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architecture paradigm that conforms to the REST architecture principles.

What is the meaning of REST service?

Representational state transfer
Representational state transfer (REST) is a software architectural style that was created to guide the design and development of the architecture for the World Wide Web. In a RESTful Web service, requests made to a resource’s URI elicit a response with a payload formatted in HTML, XML, JSON, or some other format.

Why should we use WCF service?

WCF lets you asynchronus messages transform one service endpoint to another. Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) supports multiple language & platforms. WCF Provides you a runtime environment for your services enabling you to expose CLR types as Services and to consume other Services as CLR Types.

What is SOAP in WCF service?

SOAP stands for simple object access protocol. In WCF the main thing is that the communication between the server and client. The communication takes place by messages with some transport layer. The main need of calling a service is to do the data transfer between the server and client.

What is SOAP in asp net?

The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information across distributed and possibly heterogeneous systems. It uses XML as its message format and relies on application layer protocols such as HTTP.

What is REST in simple words?

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. It means when a RESTful API is called, the server will transfer to the client a representation of the state of the requested resource. The operation you want the server to perform on that resource, in the form of an HTTP method, or verb.

What is the difference between rest and WCF?

Normally, a WCF service will use SOAP, but if you build a REST service, clients will be accessing your service with a different architectural style (calls, serialization like JSON, etc.). REST uses some common HTTP methods to insert/delete/update/retrieve information which is below: Why and Where to Use REST?

How to use WCF as WCF rest service in Laravel?

To use WCF as WCF Rest service you have to enable webHttpBindings. It support HTTP GET and POST verbs by [WebGet] and [WebInvoke] attributes respectively. Passing data through parameters using a WebGet needs configuration. It support XML, JSON and ATOM data format.

What is WCF and how to use it?

It is the evolution of the web service (ASMX) and support various protocols like TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, Named Pipes, MSMQ. The main issue with WCF is, its tedious and extensive configuration. It is not open source but can be consumed by any client that understands xml. It can be hosted with in the applicaion or on IIS or using window service.

How to deploy a WCF rest service on IIS?

This is just to let you know how to deploy a WCF REST service on IIS. Right click on Project -> Goto Publish. In Publish windows open the dropdown for profiles and select New Profile. Select publish method as “Web Deploy”. Enter server as “Localhost”.

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