What is VW Touareg Bluemotion?

What is VW Touareg Bluemotion?

The Bluemotion model adds a number of tweaks as seen on other models in the Volkswagen range to enhance economy and reduce emissions. These include revised aerodynamics, lowered ride height, low rolling resistance tyres, reduced engine friction and revised gear ratios.

What is AdBlue VW Touareg?

AdBlue®, a water/urea based operating fluid, is stored in a tank (like diesel fuel), however, unlike fuel it is not injected into the engine, but directly into a specially modified part of the vehicle’s exhaust.

What is the difference between BlueMotion and BlueMotion Technology?

Best to think of the difference between the two as the BlueMotion being the real thing, and the BlueMotion Technology just having some of its technology. In comparison, the BlueMotion Technology emits 107 g/km CO2 and can manage a combined economy figure of 68.9 mpg.

Does a Touareg have a timing belt?

The VW Touareg with the 3.0L V6 TDI comes standard with a timing chain on the engine rather than a belt. In general a belt will need to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles and a chain should easily last over 300,000 miles.

Does my Touareg need AdBlue?

The Volkswagen VW Touareg has an AdBlue filler cap located under the spare tyre in the boot. The capacity is 12L. You must fill the tank with ATLEAST 4L of AdBlue for the vehicle to acknowledge the refill, and turn off any warning notifications.

Why buy a 2011 Volkswagen Touareg?

With the 2011 Volkswagen Touareg, VW’s engineering wizards set out to stir up an SUV that combines V8 performance with V6 fuel economy, and we think their time spent toiling over that bubbling cauldron has met with success.

How much does a Toyota Touareg cost?

Pricing for the base Touareg Sport TDI starts at $48,770, $3500 more than the base Touareg V-6 and $3620 more than the base TDI model in 2010. The mid-grade Lux version starts at $52,620, and the top-of-the-line Executive model tested here is a hefty $58,320.

Does Volkswagen’s Touareg make the hybrid model obsolete?

Volkswagen’s diesel Touareg seeks to make the hybrid model obsolete. Volkswagen hasn’t always been known for shrewd product planning—consider the Passat W-8, or better, the Phaeton—but the new Touareg looks like a triumphal strategic SUV symphony in three keys: regular gas engine, hybrid, and diesel.

Is the Toyota Touareg a fun to drive?

“Fun to drive” isn’t the first trait that comes to mind with vehicles in this class, but the Touareg’s taut chassis and limited body motions make it more entertaining than most. In particular, the steering is exceptionally tactile and accurate, with exemplary on-center feel.

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