What is VTL machine?

What is VTL machine?

Vertical turning lathes are large, ram-type machines, also called vertical boring mills (VBMs). Aside from turret head or ram head, VTL machine design uses a rotating table to support the workpiece and use a bridge-type construction that carries the X-axis.

How many axis is VTL?

Technical Specification

VTL 400
X-Axis (Horizontal) mm 225
Z-Axis (Vertical) mm 410
Rapid (X/Z Axis) m/min 24

What are vertical lathes used for?

The vertical lathe is mainly used for processing large and heavy workpieces with large diameter and short length and workpieces that are not easy to be clamped on horizontal lathes. When the swing diameter is satisfied, the workpiece that is too heavy is not easy to be clamped in the horizontal lathe.

What is vertical turret lathe machine?

Vertical lathes, in general, are also referred to as “vertical boring mills” or simply “boring mills.” A vertical turret lathe is a vertical boring mill equipped with a turret. Vertical lathes are useful for handling very large, heavy, short workpieces.

What is the difference between VMC and HMC?

A VMC uses cutters to remove metal from a workpiece and employs a vertical spindle. HMCs employ a spindle that runs on a horizontal work plane and uses cutting tools to remove metal from the workpiece.

What are the different types of lathe machine?

Following are the seven different types of lathe machine:

  • Speed Lathe Machine.
  • Engine Lathe Machine.
  • Bench Lathe Machine.
  • Toolroom Lathe Machine.
  • Capstan and Turret Lathe Machine.
  • Special purpose lathe machines.
  • Automatic Lathe Machine.

What is CNC vertical lathe?

Kent CNC offers a compact and a heavy duty line of vertical turning centers. Vertical turning centers or vertical turning lathes let gravity reinforce the workpiece’s stability. The vertical turning orientation reduces clamping force needed for workpiece holding. This also allows for greater workpiece weight capacity.

What is a capstan lathe used for?

A capstan lathe is a milling machine used to create the same parts over and over again. The cutting bits are mounted on a rotatable turret known as a capstan, which allows the user to quickly change the orientation of the bits for cutting without having to take off the first bit and then mount the second.

What is the difference between turret lathe and capstan lathe?

The Key Difference between Capstan and Turret Lathe is that Capstan Lathe is a light-duty machine. Turret Lathe is a heavy-duty machine.

What is cost of HMC machine?

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Hmc Machine Horizontal Machining Centre
₹ 1,111 ₹ 19.52 Lakh
Max. Load On Pallet 900LBS

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