What is Uruguay traditional music?

What is Uruguay traditional music?

The most distinctive music of Uruguay is to be found in the tango and candombe; both genres have been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Is tango from Uruguay?

Tango is originally ‘made in Uruguay’ – although the Argentinians, from the other side of the River Plate, surely will claim that t h e m brought up this erotic and sensual music and dance. It sounds more like classical music.

Is tango popular in Uruguay?

Tango is one of the most authentic and genuine musical expressions of the River Plate region and is central to Uruguay’s own musical tradition. Tango is one of the most authentic and genuine cultural expressions in the River Plate region.

What is the meaning of candombe?

The word candombe comes from a Kikongo word meaning “pertaining to blacks,” and was originally used in Buenos Aires to refer to dancing societies formed by members of the African diaspora and their descendants. It came to refer to the dance style in general, and the term was adopted in Uruguay as well.

What dances are home to Uruguay?

performance in Uruguay The candombe is a folk dance performed at Carnival mainly by Uruguayans of African ancestry. The guitar is the preferred musical instrument; and, in a popular contest called the payada, two singers, each with a guitar, take turns improvising verses to the same tune.

What is the dance and music in Uruguay?

Tango. Tango is a music and dance style that originated in the port cities of Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Its musical origins are a mix of African (candombe), Latin American (milonga), and European influences, creating an entirely separate and independent fusion.

What is the dance of Uruguay?

How do you pronounce candombe?

  1. kahn. – dohm. – beh.
  2. kan. – dom. – be.
  3. can. – dom. – be.

What genre is Eduardo Mateo?


Eduardo Mateo
Genres Rock, Candombe, world music
Occupation(s) Singer, composer, arranger, musician
Instruments Voice, guitar, percussion
Years active 1960-1990

What is the name of Uruguayan folk dancing your answer?

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