What is trade finance GTR?

What is trade finance GTR?

GTR is the world’s leading news source, publisher and event organiser for the global trade, commodity, export and supply chain finance industries, with offices in London and Singapore.

Is trade finance a good career?

Trade Finance is generally a big enough vertical in its own right to offer good career growth prospects. It is entirely possible to move in and out of various corporate banking roles, but if you really are a specialist in your field, you would be better served by sticking to what you know.

What are the risks in trade finance?

Instead, trade finance may be used to protect against international trade’s unique inherent risks, such as currency fluctuations, political instability, issues of non-payment, or the creditworthiness of one of the parties involved.

What are the trade finance products?

Some typical trade finance products available in India are listed below:

  • Term Loans.
  • Working Capital Limits like Overfraft and Cash Credit.
  • Letters of Credit.
  • Invoice Discounting or Invoice Factoring.
  • Export Credit (Packing Credit)
  • Insurance.

How is international trade financed?

Although there are numerous ways trade can be financed, they all involve a financial agreement made between exporters, importers and their banks. This allows the buyers and sellers to reduce risk and receive cash when they need it, taking advantage of the bank’s willingness to provide capital upfront.

How does trade based money laundering work?

Trade-based money laundering is the process of disguising the proceeds of crime and moving value using trade transactions to legitimize their illicit origins. TBML schemes vary in complexity but typically involve misrepresentation of the price, quantity, or quality of imports or exports.

Is trade finance a high risk product?

Also, because trade finance can be more document-based than other banking activities, it can be susceptible to documentary fraud, which can be linked to money laundering, terrorist financing, or the circumvention of OFAC sanctions or other restrictions (such as export prohibitions, licensing requirements, or controls).

How do you mitigate risk in trade finance?

Let’s talk about four different strategies to mitigate risk: avoid, accept, reduce/control, or transfer.

  1. Avoidance. If a risk presents an unwanted negative consequence, you may be able to completely avoid those consequences.
  2. Acceptance.
  3. Reduction or control.
  4. Transference.
  5. Summary of Risk Mitigation Strategies.

What is trade finance in Icici?

ICICI Bank offers a wide range of trade services designed to meet a range of short term to medium term trade financing requirements, so that your company can seize new business opportunities whenever they arise.

Why is trade finance high risk?

Shipment timings are often set in advance and this lack of flexibility, along with the competitive nature of the trade finance market can put pressure on banks to rush compliance tasks or grant dispensations. The international nature of trade makes it more difficult to manage territory-based risk.

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