What is there to do in Ixia Rhodes?

What is there to do in Ixia Rhodes?

Things To Do in Ixia

  • Eat Greek in Ixia.
  • Le Gourmet, Kandalou Street.
  • Explore the Lalyssos ruins.
  • Splurge in Rhodes Town.
  • Roi Mat Club, Villa di Mare, Leoforos Iraklidou 84.
  • Windsurf on the beach.
  • Try a new watersport on Ixia Beach.
  • Blue Eyes Cocktail Bar.

Which part of Rhodes has the best beaches?

The Best Beaches in Rhodes, Greece

  • 1 | Anthony Quinn Bay. Best for: adults, chilling out and sunset Anthony Quinn Bay, named after the Guns of Navarone actor who tried to buy the bay, Anthony Quinn beach was our favourite in Rhodes.
  • 2 | St Paul’s Beach, Lindos.
  • 3 | Agathi Beach.
  • 4 | Tsambika Beach.
  • 5 | Pefki Beach.

Which part of Rhodes is the warmest?

We were later told that Lindos is the warmest place in Rhodes, set in a bowl in the landscape, often up to eight degrees hotter than Pefkos which is more open.

Is Ixia a nice resort?

Ixia beach is a hotel beach resort, one of the most cosmopolitan on the island on Rhodes, and an extremely popular choice with those seeking high-quality accommodation near the town of Rhodes. Narrow, partly pebbly, partly sandy, and usually wavy, the beach is mostly preferred by windsurfers.

Can you walk from Ixia to Rhodes Town?

Yes, it’s quite a pleasant walk as you’re beachside pretty much all the way. When my parents stayed in Ixia they walked into Rhodes Town most evenings. Obviously Ixia stretches quite a way so some hotels will be much further from town than others.

What is Ixia like?

Ixia is just a strip of hotels on one side of a busy road between Rhodes Town and the airport with a pebbly beach next to the road. It’s quite a scruffy resort. It’s a good base for going into Rhodes Town on the local bus (2 euros each way) where there is a lot more culture and loads of bars and restaurants.

What beaches are sandy in Rhodes?

Lindos Beach (Megali Paralia) Sandy, Organised.

  • Lindos Beach (Limanaki Agios Pavlos) Sandy, Family Friendly, Organised.
  • Ladiko beach. Family Friendly, Pebbled, Organised.
  • Ladiko beach (Anthony Quinn beach) Diving Club, Pebbled, Organised, Nudism Friendly.
  • Agathi beach.
  • Tsambika beach.
  • Kallithea beach.
  • Elli beach.
  • How much is a taxi from Ixia to Rhodes Town?

    The quickest way to get from Ixia Beach, Ialyssos to Old Town Villa, Rhodes Town is to taxi which costs €12 – €15 and takes 9 min.

    Which is nicer Crete or Rhodes?

    Though touristy, Rhodes has many pleasant uncrowded places in the off-season (e.g. Haraki) as well as fabulous beaches. Crete also has great beaches (perhaps even better ones), big resorts with British-style bars, as well as authentic and quiet areas.

    Which is nicer Rhodes or Corfu?

    Generally speaking, Corfu is a touch quieter and it’s easier to find peaceful off-radar spots, but Rhodes offers more in the way of an all-inclusive vacation vibe.

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