What is the zip code of Iligan City?

What is the zip code of Iligan City?


ZIP code 9200
PSGC 103504000
IDD : area code +63 (0)63
Native languages Maranao Cebuano Binukid Tagalog

What are the barangay of Iligan City?

44 barangays
Iligan has 44 barangays as shown in the following table….Barangays.

Barangay Buru-un
Population percentage (2020) 4.64%
Population (2020) 16,835
Population (2015) 15,164
Change (2015‑2020) 11.02%

Who is the governor of Iligan City?

Imelda Dimaporo
Situated within Lanao del Norte is the highly urbanized city of Iligan, which is governed independently from the province….

Lanao del Norte
Capital Tubod
• Governor Imelda Dimaporo (PDP–Laban)
• Vice Governor Maria Cristina N. Atay (PDP–Laban)

Who discovered Iligan City?

HIGAONON:One of Mindanao’s Lumad ethnic groups believed to be the first settlers of Iligan.

What is the zip code of Mandaue City?

Cebu City Postal ZIP Code: 6000

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Mandaue City Postal Code 6014 32
Medellin 6012 32
Minglanilla 6046 32
Moalboal 6032 32

Is Iligan City rich?

899 billion assets in 2016 from P7. 19 billion in 2015 while Iligan City posted P9. 897 billion from P9. Cainta, Rizal remained to be the wealthiest municipality in the country with assets increasing to P3.

What is the biggest barangay in Iligan City?

Barangay Tubod
Barangay Tubod was the largest in terms of population size Iligan City had a total of 44 barangays in 2000. Barangay Tubod registered the largest population with 27,778 persons, accounting for 9.74 percent of the entire city population. Suarez and Dalipuga followed with 5.63 and 4.56 percent, respectively.

Is it safe in Iligan City?

There have been questions about the safety of Iligan, but the city has been well-protected by security forces and hasn’t seen any incidents since at least 2014. Even so, it’s wise to check with things on the ground before you arrive there just to make sure the situation hasn’t changed.

What is the zip code of Fairview Quezon City?

Quezon City Postal Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Escopa 1109 2
Fairview 1118 2
Fairview North 1121 2
Fairview South 1122 2

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