What is the world record aoudad sheep?

What is the world record aoudad sheep?

Weighed 341 lbs. 10-12 years old. Shot by LeNan Hanthingy on the Crosswind Mountain Ranch northwest of Harper, Texas.

What is considered a trophy aoudad?

Imported from northern Africa along the Barbary Coast, aoudads are large sheep with horns curving outward, backward and then inward. Coats are tan and mature males have long hair on the chest and forelegs, commonly called chaps. Typical trophies weigh 250 to 280lbs.

How big does an aoudad get?

The aoudad stands about 102 cm (40 inches) at the shoulder. It has a fringe of long, soft hair hanging from its throat and forequarters and has semicircular horns that curve outward, back, and then inward over the neck.

What’s a big aoudad?

The Barbary sheep (Ammotragus lervia), also known as aoudad (pronounced ah-dad) is a species of caprid native to rocky mountains in North Africa. Six subspecies have been described. Although it is rare in its native North Africa, it has been introduced to North America, southern Europe, and elsewhere.

What is considered a gold medal Aoudad?

Most hunters and exotic game ranchers consider a trophy size Aoudad to be anything that measures over 26-27″, which makes quite an impressive mount.

Where are the biggest Dall sheep found?

Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli dalli) inhabit the mountain ranges of Alaska. These white creatures are most notable for the males’ massive curled horns.

Can you eat aoudad?

Aoudad meat is edible. When prepared properly, it can be tasty even. Even though aoudad are technically a goat/antelope subspecies, everyone in Texas just calls them sheep. Most of the knowledgeable people I’ve talked to about aoudad hunting said that I couldn’t eat the meat.

What does it cost to hunt aoudad in Texas?

Averaging 27 to 34 inches in horn length with a beautiful set of beard and chaps to go with, Texas Aoudad hunts provide the opportunity at a once in a lifetime trophy at a cost on BWGS can provide. For only $250 per day we will give you lodging, meals, guide, transportation, and game care.

How many babies do aoudad have?

Following a gestation period of about 160 days, one to three kids are born. Twins are not uncommon in Aoudads, and if food sources are plentiful, the mother may have three. It’s possible for a female Aoudad to have two pregnancies in one year.

How old do aoudad get?

Life span: 20 years. Although breeding can occur throughout the year, there is a peak from September to November, with the subsequent young being born from March to May. Females may give birth twice per year.

What states have aoudad?

Aoudad, or barbary sheep, are native to North Africa and were brought to Texas and New Mexico after WWII. They thrived in the rugged, West Texas mountains and now biologists estimate that there are more than 25,000 of the animals in the Lone Star state.

Are Aoudad good to eat?

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