What is the weather like in Tennessee during September?

What is the weather like in Tennessee during September?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 9°F, from 87°F to 78°F, rarely falling below 68°F or exceeding 94°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 11°F, from 68°F to 57°F, rarely falling below 46°F or exceeding 74°F.

Is it hot in September in Tennessee?

September, the first month of the autumn, in Nashville, is also a moderately hot month, with average temperature fluctuating between 81.5°F (27.5°C) and 62.8°F (17.1°C).

What was the hottest day ever in Tennessee?

Hottest temperature ever recorded: 113 F, Perryville, west-central Tennessee, 8/9/1930.

  • Coldest temperature ever recorded: -32 F, Mountain City, northeastern Tennessee, 12/30/1917.
  • Hottest location ranked by highest average annual temperature: Memphis, southwestern Tennessee , 62.2 F.
  • Is September a good time to visit Tennessee?

    However, Tennessee can get quite humid and hot in the summer, so for those who can’t stand the heat, the best time to visit is during the cooler fall months of September through November. These months are also the best to avoid the crowds.

    What is the coldest place to live in Tennessee?

    Mountain City, in Johnson County, is the coldest place in Tennessee, being the northeastermost county of the state. It averages 13.5 inches of snow six days a year. It has an elevation of 2,418 feet and an estimated 2019 population of 2,437. It’s approximately 123 miles from Knoxville.

    Does Tennessee have fall colors?

    With endless parks and forests throughout the state, Tennessee is the perfect place to get your fall foliage fix. Due to the state’s diverse tree species, you can see the full spectrum of autumnal colors when the leaves change, from deep reds to vibrant amber.

    Is all of Tennessee humid?

    Tennessee is humid. Humidity rate from one place to another will vary with the weather.

    What is the driest month in Tennessee?

    4.54in. The driest month in Nashville is October with 2.87 inches of precipitation, and with 5.07 inches May is the wettest month.


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