What is the water temperature in Charleston Harbor right now?

What is the water temperature in Charleston Harbor right now?

Charleston Harbor water temperature 51 degrees.

What is the ocean temperature in Charleston SC?

Water temperature in Charleston today is 56.1°F. During those months, Charleston water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

What’s the marine forecast for Savannah Georgia?

Nw Winds 5 To 10 Kt. Seas 2 To 3 Ft. A Chance Of Showers.

What does Buoyweather cost?

The Buoyweather subscription is $US79. 99 per year or $US14. 99 per month for unlimited use of long-range forecasts, the forecast email system, as well as access to over 100 advanced charts and tools for your specific locations.

What is the water temperature at Folly Beach?

Today’s Folly Beach sea temperature is 51 °F.

How warm is the ocean in South Carolina?

The water at beaches in North Carolina and South Carolina stays warm enough from May to mid-October for most people to enjoy swimming. Ocean temperatures normally peak at over 80 °F (high 20s °C) during summer. The farther south you go, the warmer the sea.

How cold is the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina?

Sea water temperature throughout South Carolina is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 68°F. The warmest ocean temperature in South Carolina today is 53.1°F (in Folly Beach), and the coldest sea temperature is 49.5°F (Cherry Grove Beach).

How warm is the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina?

How accurate is NOAA marine forecast?

NOAA Marine Weather – As we already said, their day-before wind forecasts are often too generalized to be of any real use. But NOAA’s long range (two to five day) outlook is relatively accurate and can still give you a good feeling for the general state of conditions to come.

Is Buoyweather accurate?

Because Buoyweather’s forecast is point-based it is more accurate than a regional weather forecast.

Where can I find marine forecast information in Charleston SC?

Visit the Charleston, SC Forecast Office which provides links to additional products as well as regionally focused information such as point-specific marine forecasts, predicted tides and buoy observations. Text Interface Version of this page.

What does the National Weather Service do in South Carolina?

NWS Charleston, SC is responsible for routine forecasts of winds, seas, and weather for the nearby waters off the southeast South Carolina and northern Georgia coasts.

Why does Charleston need a weather advisory on Christmas Day?

Additionally, the Charleston Harbor may need an Advisory on Christmas Day due to wind gusts. Two areas of high pressure build into our region on Sunday, one from our south and the other from the northwest. The pressure gradient associated with the highs will level off, causing winds to ease and seas to subside.

Why is the surface pressure gradient so high in Charleston?

The interaction between these synoptic features will cause the surface pressure gradient to become elevated, yielding increasing winds and seas. Small Craft Advisories will probably be needed for the Charleston coastal waters and the GA waters beyond 20 nm Friday night through Christmas night.

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