What is the Uluburun?

What is the Uluburun?

The Uluburun was first discovered in 1982 by Mehmed Çakir, a local sponge diver, on a steep rocky slope at a depth of 44 to 52 metres, with artifacts scattered down to 61 metres.

What is the Uluburun shipwreck?

The Uluburun is a 3,300-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of Uluburun (Grand Cape), near Kaş in south-western Turkey. It is among the oldest ships ever discovered and contained one of the wealthiest and largest known assemblages of Late Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean.

What was in the cargo of the Uluburun?

The cargo of the Uluburun contained artifacts from seven different cultures: Mycenae, Kenan, Cyprus, Egypt, Kessiten, Assyria and Nubia. This diversity of the various trade goods from different countries demonstrated how a very brisk trade took place over the sea 3,300 years ago.

What race were the Uluburun crew?

Uluburun, one of the oldest and wealthiest shipwrecks ever discovered. Some of the Cypriot ceramics found on the Uluburun. Image source . An analysis of the artifacts that were personal possessions of the crew members, such as tools, oil lamps, and writing boards, suggests that the crew were Canaanite and/or Cypriot,…

Did the Uluburun Canaanite jars contain wine?

As this resin was also used to kill the bacteria that turned wine into vinegar (McGovern, 1996: 30-31; Michel et al., 1993), McGovern (pers. comm. 23 April 1996) believes that at least some of the Uluburun Canaanite jars may orig- inally have contained wine, with the tere- binth resin having been added to prevent ‘wine disease’.

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