What is the theme of A Dry White Season?

What is the theme of A Dry White Season?

But as is evident from the history of race, the ideals of justice can be readily corrupted by those who are in power and control the law. This is the central theme of both the film and the book on which it is based. The story is set in South Africa in 1976, a watershed year for protests against the apartheid regime.

Who is the narrator in A Dry White Season?

The novel is introduced by an anonymous narrator. He reconstructs the life of the novel’s leading character, his friend Ben Du Toit, a white, middle-class teacher, from the papers, notes, and legal documents that Ben had sent him before being killed.

Where does A Dry White Season take place?

“A Dry White Season” is set in the 1970s, at the time when the schoolchildren of Soweto, an African township outside Johannesburg, held a series of protests. They wanted to be educated in English, not Afrikaans (a language spoken only in South Africa and mostly by whites).

Is A Dry White Season a true story?

Set in South Africa in 1976, the movie draws its grim ring of truth from the real-life violence of the Soweto uprising, briefly but unforgettably documented here as the beginning of the end for two fictional families.

What year did the movie A Dry White Season come out?

September 20, 1989 (USA)
A Dry White Season/Release date

WHY WAS A Dry White Season banned?

“A Dry White Season,” originally banned in South Africa as a biased and highly emotional threat to public order, opened uncut to a packed film festival house Thursday night, leaving many in its mostly white liberal audience troubled by the stark vision of police brutality and injustice in their homeland.

When was a dry white season made?

What is the summary of a dry white season?

André Brink. Summary. In A Dry White Season, a successful novel which became a successful motion picture, Brink visits familiar terrain, namely Afrikaner South Africa (as opposed to British South Africa) at a time of moral and spiritual drought just prior to the coming of the storms of change that will bring this nation rain and renewal.

Why did André Brink write a dry white season?

Throughout the dark era of racial segregation and apartheid, André Brink felt that his responsibility as a writer was to report on and scrutinize the harshest aspects of South African society. This urge generated A Dry White Season (1979), the publication of which made Brink the first Afrikaner writer to…

Why was a dry white season banned?

This urge generated A Dry White Season (1979), the publication of which made Brink the first Afrikaner writer to be banned by the government. The novel espouses the cause of overt political commitment against the apartheid regime.

How does Ben die in a dry white season?

A Dry White Season (1979) a novel by South African novelist André Brink, is told from the point of view of an unnamed narrator who serves as a character foil to the book’s protagonist, anti-Apartheid activist Ben du Toit. Ben ultimately dies after being subjected to torture during a police interrogation.


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