What is the SMS package of Warid?

What is the SMS package of Warid?

Warid Daily SMS packages
Package Price Activation Code
Daily SMS Rs 3.5+tax SMS “DS” to 3333
Glow Daily Bundle 1 Rs 1.5+ tax *777*500#
Glow Daily Bundle 2 Rs 2.99+ tax *777*400#

How can I get free SMS from Jazz?

You can get free 10 SMS by dialing *828#. It is free and customers have never need to pay any charges to get free SMS. Get the jazz free advance SMS here.

How can I get Jazz SMS package?

WhatsApp & SMS

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.20 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription. Code *101*1*07#
  3. Validity 7 Days.
  4. Status. Code *101*2*07#
  5. Info. Code *101*3*07#
  6. Unsubscribe *101*4*07#

How can I subscribe for Warid monthly package?

Warid monthly all in one packages To subscribe the package dial *706# and to check the status dial *706*2#.

How can I check my warid package?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you Warid balance check karne ka tarika!…Check Balance of Warid Internet Packages 2021.

Package Dial Code
Warid Weekly Extreme Internet Package *117*14*2#
Warid Monthly Browser Internet Package *117*14*2#
Warid Postpaid Monthly Streamer Internet Offer *443*2#
Warid 3G/4G Data Add-On 1 *443*2#

Are SMS messages free?

There is no service that just gives you SMS or MMS entirely free, unlimited, and forever because it costs money to run these services. Thus, apps need a way to generate revenue and it’s usually advertising. With that in mind, here are the best free texting apps for Android.

What is Telenor 10000 monthly SMS package?

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages ‘Telenor DJuice Monthly Messaging Bundle’ is one of the most widely used bundles; through this package the customers can get 10,000 SMS on all networks and 300 MBs free internet data for Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook) in only Rs 40.

What is Zong monthly SMS package?

Zong Prepaid Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Package offers its customers 500 SMS on any network for a duration of 1 month at the rate of 50+tax along with 30 MBs for WhatsApp a day for a whole month; the offer can be subscribed by dialing *705# and in order to unsubscribe this offer send UNSUB message to 700. More Info.

How can I get free 50GB Jazz?

Subscribe to Jazz 4G WiFi device bundles and get 50GB Free night data on your 3rd subscription. To check subscription count status dial *117*8*2# from MBB Device.

How can I get 1000 Jazz minutes?

Jazz is offering 1000 On-Net (Jazz to Jazz) Voice call minutes, 1000MB internet for Facebook for 30 days….How to Subscribe Jazz Monthly Call package *699*4#

Voice Calls 1000 On-Net Minutes
Validity 30 Days

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