What is the rarest George Washington stamp?

What is the rarest George Washington stamp?

The 30¢ unwatermarked perforated 10 stamp from 1916–17—if it exists at all—remains the rarest of any Washington–Franklin issue belonging to a full series: fewer than 300 copies have been certified by various expertizing services.

What are old 1 cent stamps worth?

Most 1¢ green Benjamin Franklin stamps are common and valued at less than $1, but two rotary press varieties that look almost the same as common flat-plate issues are scarce and worth thousands.

What is the value of a George Washington 3 cent stamp?

$40 to $1,300
His collection includes several 3-cent stamps printed in 1851. That issue, a side view of George Washington on a brown background, was the first three-center printed in the U.S. Today, those stamps are worth $40 to $1,300, depending on condition, says Mr.

How can you tell if a Franklin stamp is 1 cent?

The first inspection you should make is to look at the back of the stamp. If there are any green specks of ink, the stamp is a flat plate printing and therefore is Scott 552, the unwatermarked 1¢ Franklin issued January 17, 1923.

What is a 2 cent George Washington stamp worth?

1914 Rotary Single Line Watermark Imperforate

Denom. Description Mint
2 cent Washington carmine $475.00

What is the most valuable rare stamp?

In the 21st century, the British Guiana one-cent Black on Magenta postage stamp is known by many stamp collectors and philatelists as the world’s rarest, most famous and most valuable stamp. It is considered a rare stamp that was issued in British Guiana (known today as Guyana ) during 1856 in very limited numbers.

What is the rarest US postage stamp?

The Edward VII Tyrian Plum is one of the rarest postage stamps from Britain. It was issued in 1910 to replacement the existing two-colour two-pence stamp bearing the profile of King Edward VII. The new stamp, with face value of two pence, also featured the king.

What are rare stamps?

“Rare stamps” is a very broad term. Many such stamps with high values look much like cheap stamps of the same period – a tiny difference in a stamp design or in an overprint can literally be thousands of dollars in value – or the difference between a real stamp and a total fake.

What are rare stamps worth?

One Penny Black – the first stamp in the world. These rare and famous stamps, also known as the Cottonreels, resembled the circular labels on cotton spools. A single British Guiana Cottonreel stamp has a rare stamp worth of 4, 000 – 20, 000 pounds sterling depending on the condition.

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