What is the purpose of the other Wes Moore?

What is the purpose of the other Wes Moore?

The purpose of “The Other Wes Moore” is to detail the story of these young black men and how even though they were from the same neighborhood they ended in two completely different places. The book is a description of both Wes Moore’s life choices and the effects.

What’s the difference between the two Wes Moores?

While the author Wes Moore is now a Rhodes scholar, renowned author, and White House Fellow, the “other” Wes Moore is currently in prison, serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of a policeman.

Where did Wes Moore go?

Wes graduated with an Associate’s Degree from Valley Forge Military College in 1998 and then Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. As a teenager, he interned for former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke and then went on to earn a Rhodes Scholarship, which took him to Oxford University.

Why was Wes Moore suspended?

Why was the author Wes suspended? Wes was playfully fighting with another student and threw him over his shoulder on to the ground. The student suffered a cut to his head, Wes told his friends that the boy was disrespecting him and that he slammed him to the ground and stood over him taunting him.

What is Wes Moores hope for the book?

He hopes that in writing the book, he has honored the legacy of his father, Westley, who was himself a journalist. He acknowledges that the central question in the book is over what “made the difference” between his life and Wes’s.

What does Wes find in his mother’s closet?

other: What does Wes find in his mother’s closet? Wes (Inmate) finds marijuana in his mother’s closet. other: Describe what Wes did to make himself feel sick. Wes (Inmate) smoked the marijuana he found and mixed it with alcohol.

What is the biggest difference so far between author Wes and other Wes?

The difference between the author and the “other” Wes Moore, is the mindset and the decisions they made. They both had a rough childhood, but your expectations, determination, and mindset could completely change the course of your life.

Why was Moore drawn to life on the streets?

He wanted to draw attention to the close relationship he shared with his sister Nikki. He wanted to give the reader a glimpse into the struggles he faced as a result of being poor.

Is the other Wes Moore a true story?

The book is based on the true story of two men with the same name who lived just blocks away from each other in Baltimore and ended up in very different places. Author Moore became a Rhodes Scholar, Army Officer, White House Fellow and currently is the CEO of a major New-York based antipoverty foundation, Robin Hood.

Did the author Wes Moore go to college?

Valley Forge Military Academy and College
Riverdale Country SchoolUniversity of OxfordJohns Hopkins UniversityWolfson College
Wes Moore/Education

Who did the other Wes live with once he left the juvenile detention facility?

aunt Nicey
After serving six months in juvenile detention for shooting Ray, who was only wounded, Wes couldn’t catch up with his schoolwork and dropped out. Wes now lives with his aunt Nicey, and Alicia lives with their child at her parents’ house.

What is true about Shani The Other Wes Moore?

Shani is Moore’s little sister, the youngest child of Joy and Westley, and is only a baby when her father dies. Moore describes her as a “prodigy,” and she graduates from Princeton and Stanford Law School.

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