What is the price of Bombay Dyeing bed sheet?

What is the price of Bombay Dyeing bed sheet?

Online Shopping at Myntra Price List

Online Shopping at Myntra PRICE (RS)
BOMBAY DYEING Blue Solid 400 TC Cotton 1 King Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers Rs. 2699
BOMBAY DYEING Green & Yellow 144 TC Queen Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers Rs. 1874

Which company bed sheets are the best?

Top 10 Bedsheet Brands in India-

  • 1) Bombay Dyeing. Shop at Bombay Dyeing. The oldest player in the market, this brand has our heart.
  • 3) Jaipur Fabric. Shop at Jaipur Fabric.
  • 4) Swayam. Shop at Swayam India.
  • 5) Raymond. Shop at Flipkart.
  • 6) D’Decor. Shop at D’Decor.
  • 10) [email protected] Shop at Story at Home.

How much does a bedsheet cost?

How much do a good set of sheets cost? A good set of sheets for a Queen-size bed should cost around $50/£35 to $150/£105 – assuming they have a thread count between 200 and 400.

What are the products of Bombay Dyeing?

Product Portfolio

Category Products
Mass Collection-Towels Tulip-Towels Santino-Towels Flora-Towels
Premium Collections-Towels Silk-Towels Soya-Towels Linen-Towels Bamboo-Towels
Hotel Accessories Bath Mats Bath Gowns
Blankets Mini Blankets Soft All Season Blankets Quilt Set Blankets

What thread count is best for cotton bed sheets?

You can consider Bed sheets with a thread count ranging between 180-300 to be of excellent quality, and a thread count between 300-500 make up the luxurious lot.

What is the business of Bombay Dyeing?

Bombay Dyeing Manufacturing Company Ltd. It is engaged into manufacturing textile and chemicals. Bombay Dyeing is country’s largest exporter of textiles.

How do you buy bed sheets online?

  1. Phyto Home 141 TC Microfiber Double 3D Printed Bedsheet. Pack of 1, White. (8,336) ₹236.
  2. CHHAVI INDIA 120 TC Microfiber Double Printed Bedsheet. Pack of 1, Pink. (32,660) ₹239.
  3. aniket 180 TC Cotton Double Printed Bedsheet. Pack of 1, Multicolor. ₹247.
  4. yatin fab 140 TC Cotton Double Floral Bedsheet. Pack of 1, Multicolor. ₹185.

Which place is famous for bedsheets in India?

A Solapur chaddar (lit: “Solapur blanket “), is a cotton blanket made in the Solapur city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. These bed sheets are popular in India where they are manufactured using hand looms and are known for their design and durability.

How do you buy bed sheets?

All You Need To Know Before Buying Bed Sheets Online

  1. Always know about the fabric content first.
  2. Have thread count in mind.
  3. Thread count is not everything.
  4. Find the right size.
  5. Don’t ever make assumptions.
  6. Always look for patterns.
  7. Know the weaves difference.
  8. Select the right color.

Is Bombay Dyeing a good buy?

Outlook is bullish for the stock. It can continue to trend upwards and reach ₹84.5 and ₹86.5. Traders can buy the stock with a stop-loss at ₹79. (Note: The recommendations are based on technical analysis.

What is the future of Bombay Dyeing share?

There’s a good chance that this upwards movement will continue tomorrow as well. Tomorrow’s movement Prediction of Bombay Dyeing & Mfg Company Limited BOMDYEING as on 03 Feb 2022 is showing signs of strength….Munafa value: 80 as on 03 Thu Feb 2022.

Upside target 133.58
Downside target 105.58

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