What is the prettiest segment of the Colorado Trail?

What is the prettiest segment of the Colorado Trail?

Segment 25 — Molas Pass to Bolam Pass Road. This beautiful section of the Colorado Trail is entirely near or above tree line and runs 23 miles from Molas Pass to Bolam Pass. It is great for short out and back hikes/bike rides or you can do the whole thing and link up with many other trails in the area.

What is the easiest segment of the Colorado Trail?

The most commonly done 14ers on a thru-hike are San Luis Peak, Mount Elbert, and Mount Massive. San Luis Peak is the easiest one to get, as its summit is nearest to the official trail. Mount Elbert is especially tempting too, since it’s the highest mountain in Colorado!

How long is each segment of the Colorado Trail?

The Route

Segment Locations Mileage
Segment 17 Sargents Mesa to Colorado Hwy-114 20.4 miles
Segment 18 Colorado Hwy-114 to Saguache Park Road 13.8 miles
Segment 19 Saguache Park Road to Eddiesville Trailhead 13.7 miles
Segment 20 Eddiesville Trailhead to San Luis Pass 12.7 miles

How many segments of the Colorado Trail are there?

33 segments
The Colorado Trail is divided into 33 segments which includes a choice of two routes in the middle, Collegiate East and Collegiate West. See the map on our maps page for a quick look at the segments.

What is the hardest part of the Colorado Trail?

Sargents Mesa is one of the few areas that would make the worst HAB sections for both directions of travel on anyone list. The issue isn’t exposure, altitude or even the steepness. It’s the ROCKS, tons of them. Finding a rhythm for both trying to walk or pedaling is extremely tough through this section.

Is the Colorado trail well marked?

The trail itself: The Colorado Trail is very well-marked for a western trail. Navigation is easy, the weather hazards (see below) are quickly dealt with with some prior planning and the trail is logistically easy. A great trail for a first long hike and/or to get a western trail experience!

How difficult is the Colorado Trail?

However, because of its length, altitude — and in many places, sheer ruggedness — the Colorado Trail can be hard to get your hands around at first. It can take four to six weeks to hike the whole thing, but you can hike it in smaller segments.

How long is Segment 6 of the Colorado Trail?

30.8 mile
Colorado Trail : Segment 6 is a 30.8 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Jefferson, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult.

What is the longest hiking trail in Colorado?

Colorado Trail
Length 486 mi (782 km)
Location Colorado, United States
Trailheads terminus southwest of Denver 39°29′29″N 105°5′42″W terminus near Durango 37°19′53″N 107°54′10″W 27 others
Use Hiking, biking and horseback riding

How hard is it to hike the Colorado Trail?

Is it safe to hike alone in Colorado?

over a year ago. Very safe to hike alone as there are many people on the trail all the time. There are rangers in the park and lots of people on the trail. Wear appropriate footwear (sneakers are fine), take water and maybe a rain jacket just in case.

Does the Colorado Trail require a permit?

You do not need a permit to hike The Colorado Trail with the exception of where it passes through wilderness areas.

How difficult is the Colorado Trail segment 24?

Relatively smooth climbs will also be made unexpectedly difficult due to the high elevation, which averages nearly thirteen thousand feet, and only dips below twelve thousand feet for a short distance at the beginning. Segment 24 Colorado Trail SegmentMap Virtual Tour Location: Forest Road 520/Silverton, CO Start Access: Rough roads

The Colorado Trail is divided into 33 segments which includes a choice of two routes in the middle, Collegiate East and Collegiate West. See the map on our maps page for a quick look at the segments.

Is the CDT the same as the Colorado Trail?

Not really. The CDT was established after the Colorado Trail, and coincides with it for roughly 200 miles, from Segment 6 through Segment 24. Add about 50 miles to this figure if you follow the Colorado Trail’s Collegiate West route. What’s the elevation up there?

What are the alternative terminus points for the Colorado Trail?

Alternative Northeastern terminus points include Indian Creek Trailhead or Roxborough State Park. The Colorado Trail (“CT”) was first conceived by Forest Service ranger Bill Lucas in 1973, organized by Gudy Gaskill, and officially completed in 1987.

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