What is the population of Xian?

What is the population of Xian?

Its total population was 12,952,907 as of the 2020 census and its built-up (or metro) area was home to 12,283,922 inhabitants including 10 Xian urban districts (all but Huyi and Yanliang not conurbated yet) and 3 Xianyang parts (Qindu and Weicheng districts and Xingping city) largely being conurbated.

How do you describe Xian An?

Xi’an is the oldest of China’s Four Great Ancient Capitals, serving as the capital city of 13 dynasties spreading intermittently across a 1,100-year period from 221 BC. Xi’an is characterized by and is proud of its ancient heritage, such as the world-renowned Terracotta Army.

Is there a Xijing?

Yes, there was a Western capital, what we now know as Xi’an. Historically it was known as Chang’an, though, not Xijing (which means Western capital). Chang’an means ‘long peace’ and Xi’an means ‘western peace.

Who built Xian?

Over 2,000 years ago, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first ruler to unify China, built his capital of Xianyang just east of modern day Xian.

Why is Tokyo called dongjing in Chinese?

Well before Edo in Japan was renamed Tokyo in 1868, the Chinese city of Kaifeng (開封), the capital of the Northern Song (北宋) dynasty (960-1127), was also known as dongjing 東京 (the same characters as Tokyo) or the “Eastern Capital” because of its geographical location.

What is the population of Xi’an China?

Xi’an has a population of 12,005,600 and the Xi’an–Xianyang metropolitan area a population of 12.6 million. It is the most populous city in Northwest China, as well as the third most populous city in Western China, the other two being Chongqing and Chengdu.

What are the key facts of Xi’an?

The urban area of Xi’an is located at /  34.267°N 108.933°E  / 34.267; 108.933 . The city borders the northern foot of the Qin Mountains (Qinling) to the south, and the banks of the Wei River to the north. Hua Shan, one of the five sacred Taoist mountains, is located 100 km (62 mi) away to the east of the city.

What is the software industry like in Xi’an?

The growing economy of the city also supports the development of a software industry, and the city is a pioneer in software industry in China. The Xi’an Software Park within the Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone (XDZ) has attracted over 1,085 corporations and 106,000 employees as of 2012.

How many counties are there in Xi’an?

Xi’an currently holds sub-provincial status, administering 9 districts and 4 counties. As of 2018 Xi’an has a population of 12,005,600, and the Xi’an–Xianyang metropolitan area a population of 12.9 million.

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