What is the part of the brain that is responsible for alertness?

What is the part of the brain that is responsible for alertness?

The thalamus serves as a relay station for almost all information that comes and goes to the cortex. It plays a role in pain sensation, attention and alertness. It consists of four parts: the hypothalamus, the epythalamus, the ventral thalamus and the dorsal thalamus.

Which part of the brain controls temperature and respiration?

Brain Stem
Functions of the Brain Stem. The brainstem regulates vital cardiac and respiratory functions and acts as a vehicle for sensory information.

Which area of the brain is responsible for equilibrium motor coordination and memory of learned motor skills?

The cerebellum is located behind the brain stem. While the frontal lobe controls movement, the cerebellum “fine-tunes” this movement. This area of the brain is responsible for fine motor movement, balance, and the brain’s ability to determine limb position.

Which part of human brain has Centre for controlling breathing?

Medulla. At the bottom of the brainstem, the medulla is where the brain meets the spinal cord. The medulla is essential to survival. Functions of the medulla regulate many bodily activities, including heart rhythm, breathing, blood flow, and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

Which fissure separates cerebral hemispheres?

longitudinal fissure
The cerebrum is divided into a left and right hemisphere by a longitudinal fissure that goes by many different names: longitudinal fissure, cerebral fissure, median longitudinal fissure, interhemispheric fissure.

What is brain stem called?

The brainstem is divided into three sections in humans: the midbrain (mesencephalon), the pons (metencephalon), and the medulla oblongata (myelencephalon).

What can happen if the brain stem is damaged?

A brain stem injury can cause dizziness or lack of motor function, with more severe cases resulting in paralysis, coma, or death. Treatment can be extremely expensive, and many victims are unable to work while coping with a brain stem injury.

Which part of the brain that controls posture balance and coordination?

Cerebellum. This is the back of the brain. It coordinates voluntary muscle movements and helps to maintain posture, balance, and equilibrium.

What part of the brain is the primal emotional center?

limbic system
The limbic system sits under the cerebrum (the largest and newest part of the brain) and is made up of structures such as the hypothalamus, hippocampus and the amygdala. The almond-shaped amygdala attaches emotional significance to events and memories.

What is hippocampus?

Hippocampus is a complex brain structure embedded deep into temporal lobe. It has a major role in learning and memory. It is a plastic and vulnerable structure that gets damaged by a variety of stimuli. Studies have shown that it also gets affected in a variety of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

What is the anterior median fissure?

anterior median fissure. n. The longitudinal groove in the midline of the anterior aspect of the medulla oblongata, continuous with the anterior median fissure of the spinal cord and ending at the foramen cecum medullae oblongatae.

What does fissure mean in medical terms?

dictionary thesaurus. noun. : a groove along the anterior midline of the spinal cord that incompletely divides it into symmetrical halves. — called also ventral median fissure.

What is presylvian fissure?

1. a shallow vertical groove in the closed part of the medulla oblongata, continuous with the posterior median fissure of the spinal cord. 2. a shallow vertical groove dividing the spinal cord throughout its length in the midline posteriorly; called also posterior median sulcus. presylvian fissure the anterior branch of the fissure of Sylvius.

What is the fissure at the margin of the anus?

anal fissure ( fissure in ano) a painful lineal ulcer at the margin of the anus. anterior median fissure a longitudinal furrow along the midline of the ventral surface of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata. fissure of Bichat transverse fissure (def. 2). branchial fissure pharyngeal groove.

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