What is the Npegel?

What is the Npegel?

National Programme for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL), is a focused intervention of Government of India, to reach the “Hardest to Reach” girls, especially those who are not in school.

When was Npegel established?

Launched in July 2003, it is an important component of SSA, which provides additional support for enhancing girl’s education over and above the investments for girl’s education through normal SSA interventions. Reduction of gender gap in education sector.

When was Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan launched?

SSA has been launched in 2001-2002 in partnership with the State Governments and Local Self Governments. The programme aims to provide useful and relevant, elementary education to all children in the 6 to 14 age group by 2010.

What is District Primary Education Programme?

Hint: The District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) was launched as a major initiative to revitalize the primary education system and to achieve holistic approach to universalize access, retention and improve learning achievement and to reduce disparities among social groups.

What do you mean by Right to Education Act 2009?

The RTE Act provides for the right of children to free and compulsory education till completion of elementary education in a neighbourhood school. ‘Free’ means that no child shall be liable to pay any kind of fee or charges or expenses which may prevent him or her from pursuing and completing elementary education.

What are the problems of elementary education?

12 Major Problems of Elementary Education with Its Solutions

  • (1) Wastage and Stagnation:
  • (2) Part-Time Education:
  • 7) Enrichment of the Curricula and Improvement of Quality:
  • 8) Teacher:
  • 9) Provision of Schools:
  • 10) Accommodation:
  • 11) Equipment’s and Ancillary Services:
  • 12) Parental Education:

WHO launched SSA?

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Founder Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India
Country India
Ministry Ministry of Education
Launched 2001

Is Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan still working?

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) anchors the SSA programme. The SSA programme has been operational from 2000-2001. However, with the introduction of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009, changes were made in the SSA scheme.

What is the role of Ncert?

The major objectives of NCERT and its constituent units are to: undertake, promote and coordinate research in areas related to school education; prepare and publish model textbooks, supplementary material, newsletters, journals and develops educational kits, multimedia digital materials, etc.

What is DPEP and SSA?

The District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) that followed it, have been critical programmes for elementary education in India. DPEP aimed at making primary education universal, while the goal of SSA was to make elementary education universal.

Why is RTE important?

Significance of RTE This Act casts a legal obligation on the state and central governments to execute the fundamental rights of a child (as per Article 21 A of the Constitution). The Act lays down specific standards for the student-teacher ratio, which is a very important concept in providing quality education.

What is RTE in KV admission?

In these cases, the child will automatically be considered for admission under Right To Education (RTE) category if the child’s residence is within a specified distance from the Vidyalaya, as per KVS admission guidelines (see here).

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