What is the meaning of whetu?

What is the meaning of whetu?

1. (noun) star – sometimes also used for other celestial bodies, e.g. comets.

What does the Ratana star mean?

Te Haahi Ratana has got the five-pointed star and crescent moon as a tohu (symbol). The star is multi-coloured and each colour represents the Maori trinity: blue is te Matua (the Father), white is te Tama (the Son), red is te Wairua Tapu (Holy Spirit) and purple is ngā Anahera Pono.

How old is Matariki?

Matariki is one of the star clusters nearest to Earth. If you drove there in a car at a speed of 100 kilometres an hour, you would arrive in 4.8 billion years!

What are the Matariki stars names?

The legend of Matariki and the six sisters Te ono o Matariki. There are many legends about the star cluster Matariki. One of the most popular is that the star Matariki is the whaea (mother), surrounded by her six daughters, Tupu-ā-nuku, Tupu-ā-rangi, Waipunarangi, Waitī and Waitā, and Ururangi.

How did Māori see their world?

ori have a unique relationship with their natural world. They view themselves as one with the natural world. The people, the land, the sea, the forest, and all living creatures are members of the same family. ori to survive and prosper from the land and sea, the reciprocity of respect and caring is central.

When can you see Matariki 2021?

2 July
In 2021, Matariki will begin on 2 July. In 2022, Matariki will begin on 21 June.

Who is IHOA?

The right was given by Ihoa (Jehovah). PiriWiriTua carried the kaupapa, which was to address the sicknesses of the land, the Rātana movement. He needed Maori to be united for the Treaty to become entrenched into law. From the treaty comes the laws of man: two people but one land.

What does Ratana Church believe?

The Ratana church believes in the Holy Trinity, the administration of the True and Faithful Angels, the commissioning and relevance of Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana as “God’s Mouthpiece” in this dispensation, the authority of the scriptures, the rejection of spiritism (tohungaism), the vitalisation and healthiness of the …

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