What is the meaning of my name Irene?

What is the meaning of my name Irene?

i-re-ne. Origin:Greek. Popularity:1211. Meaning:peace.

What names are similar to Irene?

20 Names Similar to Irene

  • Helen.
  • Ingrid.
  • Diana.
  • Irina.
  • Esther.
  • Iris.
  • Isolde.
  • Edith.

Is Irene a good baby name?

Originally, the name was pronounced with three syllables as in i-REE-nee, as in Greek, but the English eventually changed it to the two-syllable i-REEN. The Spanish pronunciation is ee-REH-neh. Today, Irene is a Top 10 favorite girl’s name in Spain and a Top 25 in Catalonia.

What is a good nickname for Irene?

Common Nicknames for Irene: Rena….Nickname Finder: Irene

  • Reena.
  • Riena.
  • Ryna.
  • Rina.

What is Irene’s real name?

Bae Joo-hyun
Irene/Full name

Is Irene Italian?

Spanish and Italian: from the female personal name Irene, from Greek Eirene ‘peace’.

What is the male name for Irene?

What’s the male version of the name “Irene”? To genderbend Irene, go back to the original Greek εἰρήνη (“Eirene”, meaning “peace”), then the male version is Irenaeus .

How do you spell Irene in English?

Irene (Greek: Ειρήνη- Eirēnē), sometimes written Irini, is derived from εἰρήνη, the Greek word for “peace”. Eirene was the Greek goddess of peace….Irene (given name)

Pronunciation /aɪˈriːn/ eye-REEN; /aɪˈriːni/ eye-REEN-ee
Gender Female
Word/name Greek
Meaning peace

Is Irene a Spanish name?

Is Irene a girl or boy?

Irene (given name)

Eirene was the Greek goddess of peace.
Pronunciation /aɪˈriːn/ eye-REEN; /aɪˈriːni/ eye-REEN-ee
Gender Female
Word/name Greek

What does the name Irene mean?

The meaning of the name Irene is Peace. The origin of the name Irene is Greek. This is the culture in which the name originated, or in the case of a word, the language.

Is Irene an Irish name?

The name Irene is an Irish baby name. In Irish origin the meaning of name Irene is : Peaceful.

Is mentioned the name Irene in the Bible?

It is not mentioned in the Bible any woman whose name was Irene. But the name Irene is the Greek word eirene, which means peace, harmony and is widely used in the New Testament over 100 times. Because you have such a beautiful name, you must know some important things about peace from the Bible.

How old is Irene?

Irene was 61 years old at the age of death

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