What is the major events of Esperanza Rising?

What is the major events of Esperanza Rising?

On the day before Esperanza’s thirteenth birthday, her dad is murdered by bandits, which leaves Esperanza and her mom to flee the clutches of her evil step-uncle. Esperanza finds the journey to the U.S. exhausting. She’s used to traveling in style, and now she has to ride in a dirty, smelly train car with peasants.

What time period does Esperanza Rising take place?

Set in the early 1930s, twenty years after the Mexican Revolution and during the Great Depression, Esperanza Rising tells the story of a young Mexican girl’s courage and resourcefulness when at the age of thirteen she finds herself living in a strange new world.

What is the plot of the book Esperanza Rising?

The novel focuses on Esperanza, the only daughter of wealthy Mexican parents, and the events that occur after her father’s murder and her subsequent move to California due to the actions of Esperanza’s uncles, Tio Luis and Tio Marco.

Does Esperanza marry Miguel?

Alfonso, Hortensia’s husband, and Miguel, their son, have gone to look for Papa. Eventually, though, Esperanza realized that she and Miguel could never get married, because she was the daughter of the ranch owner, and he was the son of a housekeeper.

What is the first event in Esperanza Rising?

A dust storm came. Mama got very sick with Valley Fever, an infection that happens in the lungs caused by spores of dust. When Mama got sick and could no longer work, Esperanza started working at a shed, packing produce. She saved her money so that she could get Abuelita, her grandma, to California.

What is the climax of Esperanza Rising?

In Esperanza Rising, the climax is when Esperanza takes charge of her situation by deciding to earn extra money for Abuelita’s journey – only to find out that Miguel has taken all the money! However, the story concludes on a happy note when we discover that Miguel took the money to do just what Esperanza had intended.

Is there a Esperanza Rising book 2?

I wrote the story with the intention that it would be a book in its entirety — that it would be a complete story. Right now, due to my other writing commitments, I have no immediate plans to write a sequel.

What reading level is Esperanza Rising?

Esperanza Rising

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 7 Grades 3 – 8 41905

How did Esperanza find out her papa died?

Esperanza learns that Papa and his workers were attacked and killed by bandits. She tells the story to Señor Rodriguez, her friend Marisol’s father who has brought the papayas Esperanza’s father had ordered for Esperanza’s party.

How long did Papa’s funeral last?

Papa’s funeral lasts for three days. Esperanza’s best friend, Marisol, comes to mourn with her, but nothing can help. Esperanza and Mama are devastated.

Who does Esperanza have a crush on?

Sire is a neighborhood boy who Esperanza develops a crush on. She notices him looking at her as she walks by, and she tries to stare straight ahead and act unafraid. One day she looks back at him for too long, and she feels shaken by her emotions.

Who is Alfonso in Esperanza Rising?

Alfonso is Papa’s best friend and right hand man, and Hortensia, the head housekeeper, is a friend and confidant to both Mama and Esperanza. But when Tío Luis takes over the family property, Hortensia and Alfonso tell Mama they’re going to move to the U.S. to find work with Alfonso’s brother.

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