What is the main industry in Maui?

What is the main industry in Maui?

The major industry on Maui is tourism. Other large sectors include retail, health care, business services and government.

What is Maui’s main source of income?

The major source of operating revenue for the County of Maui comes from taxes which include Real Property Tax, Transient Accommodations Tax, Public Service Tax, Public Transit Fare, Fuel Tax, Franchise Tax, Weight Tax, and charges for services for Sewer and Cesspool, Landfill Disposal, Refuse Collection, and Water …

How is the economy in Maui?

– The Income Tax Rate for Maui County is 8.3%. The US average is 4.6%. – The average income of a Maui County resident is $29,499 a year….Income and Salaries for Maui County.

ECONOMY Maui, Hawaii United States
Unemployment Rate 12.2% 6.0%
Recent Job Growth -20.3% -6.2%
Future Job Growth 35.6% 33.5%
Sales Taxes 4.0% 6.2%

What is Hawaii’s main income?

Tourism is the largest economic sector in Hawaii. It accounts for approximately 21% of the state’s economy and generates over $16 billion in revenue. The state receives about 9 million visitors annually.

What is the most profitable crop in Hawaii?

Figs are Hawaiʻi’s Most Lucrative Crop – Hawaii Business Magazine.

Who is the largest employer in Hawaii?

Detailed List Of The 100 Biggest Companies In Hawaii

Rank Company Employees
1 Tesoro 14,300
2 Hawaii Pacific Health 6,621
3 Hawaiian Airlines 6,356
4 Hawaii State Teachers Association 4,667

What is the best business to start in Maui?

Waihee Ridge Trail, one of Maui’s most popular hikes, is directly across the street. Endless possibilities with great growth potential. For sale is a highly profitable auto sales business, auto repair, auto body shop all rolled into one.

Is the UPS Store in Maui a good franchise?

The UPS Store inc. is one of the best available franchises to be a part of. The UPS Store 6931 at the Maui Mall in Kahului is a healthy and viable business that shows continued growth. An award winner in each of it’s first 2 full years in operation, this store truly has unlimited potential.

Is there a business available for sale in Kauai?

BUSINESS ONLY FOR SALE: Successful Kauai restaurant and bar located in the desirable Hanalei area on Kauai’s North Shore. Building lease is assignable to new owner. Sale of the business includes furniture, fixtures, equipment and inventory. Restaurant is operational, turn-key and ready for business.

Why choose Maui bakery business?

Maui bakery business established 1994 to be sold. Included: equipment, original market-tested formulas, website, accounts, solid clientele, decades of good will, and possibly training. Centrally located with office/studio space and ocean view upstairs. Steady honest work gives a good steady income with pride of product and vocation.

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