What is the law of Threefold Return?

What is the law of Threefold Return?

Background and Origins of the Threefold Law The Rule of Three, also called the Law of Threefold Return, is a caveat given to newly initiated witches in some magical traditions, primarily NeoWiccan ones. The purpose is a cautionary one. It keeps people who have just discovered Wicca from thinking they have Magical Super Powers.

Is the Threefold Law a law or a myth?

Some people will tell you in no uncertain terms that it’s bunk, and that the Threefold Law is not a law at all, but just a guideline used to keep people on the straight and narrow. Other groups swear by it.

What is the origin of the rule of three?

An early incarnation of the Rule of Three appeared in Gerald Gardner’s novel, High Magic’s Aid, in the form of “Mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.” It later appeared as a poem published in a magazine back in 1975.

What is the law of three and how does it work?

Another school of thought interprets the Law of Three in a cosmic sense; what you do in this lifetime will be revisited upon you three times more intently in your NEXT life. Likewise, the things that are happening to you this time around, be they be good or bad, are your paybacks for actions in previous lifetimes.

What is the threefold use of the law?

John Calvin, for example, wrote what has become known as the “Threefold Use of the Law” in order to show the importance of the law for the Christian life.1 The first purpose of the lawis to be a mirror. On the one hand, the law of God reflects and mirrors the perfect righteousness of God.

Is the three-fold Law a Wiccan law?

The Three-Fold Law is not only a Wiccan law. And it’s not dependent on an All-Knowing God watching and meting out punishment. Far worse than that!

What is the three-fold Law of punishment?

The Three-Fold Law is not punishment. It’s not even a rule — more like a reminder. Humans need reminders, because even though we’re pure in our souls, we often forget to act like it.

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