What is the latest SonicWall firmware version?

What is the latest SonicWall firmware version?

NOTE: SonicOS 6.5. 1.3 is the latest general release for SonicWall firewalls. General release software is a mature, widely deployed and proven release, used for production environments.

How do I find my SonicWall firmware version?

Login to the SonicWall Management interface. Navigate to the Monitor tab. Go to System Status. You will able to see the firmware version under System Information.

Where can I download SonicWall firmware?

Login to your mysonicwall.com account at http://www.mysonicwall.com.

  1. Navigate to My Products and locate the product being upgraded.
  2. Under the Support column click the Firmware icon.
  3. Click Download link next to the latest version (. sig file).
  4. Save the new SonicOS firmware to a directory on your management computer.

What is SonicWall firmware?

SonicWall system software/firmware releases advanced features and functionality for the SonicWall security appliances. These release categories are common to all SonicWall security appliance models.

What operating system does SonicWall use?

SonicOS 7
Introducing SonicOS 7. Scale faster, protect more and re-gain control. The new SonicOS 7 architecture is SonicWall’s most advanced security operating system and is at the core of our latest physical and virtual firewalls, including models from the TZ, NSv and NSsp Series.

How long does the firmware update take?

The estimated duration of the firmware update process is 30 minutes. Nonetheless, this relies upon the speed of your internet and at what stage you are at of the update. Android phones stuck on firmware update is a transitory issue and can be fixed with no expert complexities.

Can settings be imported SonicWall?

Login to the SonicWall firewall and navigate to Device|Settings| Firmware & Backups. Click Import/Export Configuration and Select Import Configuration.

What is SonicWall maintenance release?

Maintenance Release: Maintenance Release software includes bug fixes and enhancements made to a previous release. Maintenance Release is gone through engineering & quality test cycles and is launched for general availability. Eventually hotfixes releases are integrated into the Maintenance/General release.

What generation is TZ400?

Description. The new wired and Wireless SOHO, TZ300, TZ400, TZ500, and TZ600 (Note: only wired) firewalls represent the 6th generation of SonicWall firewalls and provide a major hardware and software upgrade over the previous TZ and NSA 220/250 platforms.

Should I update my firmware?

Why do we need firmware updates? As firmware carries out the integral functions of hardware, firmware updates bring some alterations in the program, which are necessary to enable the corresponding devices to operate proficiently as well as to fix the bugs for better security.

What does it mean when your phone does a firmware update?

What Is a Firmware Update? At the very beginning, we’d like to explain what a firmware update means. A firmware update will result in new features and an enhanced user experience. For every firmware update, there will be some sounding changes for your device, such as bug fixes and newly-introduced functions.

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