What is the Jeep Rocky Mountain package?

What is the Jeep Rocky Mountain package?

It was based on the Laredo Package if memory serves. You got heated leather, upgraded rims and tires as well as a nicer stereo. Fog lamps and some trim pieces.

What color is Jeep Rocky Mountain?

Well-Known Member. Looks like the Grand Cherokee L is available in a new color called Rocky Mountain Pearl. I can’t find any real-life shots yet, but the configurator rendering makes it look like a dark grey-brown with maybe a faint hint of dark green.

What are the different models of Jeep Liberty?

The Liberty has come in four trim levels: Sport, Latitude, Renegade, and Limited and two special models: CRD and Rocky Mountain Edition. The Sport, Latitude, and Limited are the only versions still in production.

Is a 2005 Jeep Liberty a good car?

A thoroughly capable and comfortable compact SUV if you like to bash boulders, but if you’re like most people and spend 99 percent of your time on the pavement, the 2005 Jeep Liberty lags behind its more carlike competitors.

What is Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain Edition?

The Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain Edition is based on the Renegade X model, and Norman says offers features — such as a sunroof and custom wheels — that customers usually pay for in addition to the sticker. power sunroof. side roof rails. 16-inch Mechanica aluminum wheels with graphite accented pockets.

What is the Smoky Mountain Jeep?

Learn All About the Smoky Mountain Jeep® Club We are a family-oriented factory open-topped Jeep® club designed for those who enjoy Jeeping adventures and social activities in a safe, casual environment. We are not an extreme off-road club. In addition to our monthly trail ride, the club also hosts a social event.

How many miles will a 2005 Jeep Liberty last?

The Jeep Liberty can last well over 200,000 miles. Several factors will increase the likelihood of your Liberty’s longevity. Make sure that any recall issues on your model year have been addressed and fixed.

What is Smoky Mountain Jeep invasion?

Open to ALL Jeep® enthusiasts and Jeep® Clubs throughout the nation, the Smoky Mountain Jeep® Invasion is an Expo for all leading Jeep® parts and their accessory vendors, including a Jeep® Show where several trophies are awarded.

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