What is the hottest month in Malaysia?

What is the hottest month in Malaysia?


Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month May (84 °F avg)
Coldest Month December (82 °F avg)
Wettest Month November (8.66″ avg)
Windiest Month August (4 mph avg)

What is the best month to go to Malaysia?

WHEN TO VISIT MALAYSIA & WHEN NOT TO Sandwiched between February and September, just after the rainy season, is the best time to visit Malaysia; with less rain and an abundance of tropical foliage making March, April, May and June much drier and less busy months to visit.

What is the tourist season in Malaysia?

There are two peak seasons in Malaysia. One peak tourist season falls roughly from the beginning of December to the end of January, covering the major Northern Hemisphere winter holidays — Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Chinese New Year. Hari Raya Puasa, celebrating the end of Ramadan, shifts dates from year to year.

Does Malaysia have summer season?

Summer is a hot season in Malaysia; by months rainfall is distributed very sparsely. June, July and August are accompanied by dry South-West monsoon in the deserts of Australia. The humidity of the climate, despite the monsoon remains on a more or less traditional level.

Why is it so hot in Malaysia now 2021?

Malaysia is currently experiencing the Southwest monsoon, which results in a hot and dry climate, from now until mid-September. – KHIS/AMRAN HAMID. During the Southwest monsoon, it can elevate the temperature by two to three degrees, to around below 40 degrees depending on locality.

What is the hottest month in Malaysia 2021?

April has an average maximum temperature of 33.1°C (91.58°F) and is the warmest month of the year.

Is Malaysia hot in January?

Malaysia weather January With its warm, equatorial climate, Malaysia is hot all year round and January is no exception. The east coast monsoon lasts from November until March, so this time of year can be quite rainy in places, but you’ll still see plenty of sunshine.

How is summer in Malaysia?

Malaysia in Summer (June to August) The summer season starts in June and extends up to August. The temperature is high during these months as well, and June and July are the months which expect the least amount of rainfall.

Is July a good time to visit Malaysia?

Visiting Malaysia in July This is peak season on the east coast, and visitor numbers will be high due to it coinciding with the European school holidays. The east coast receives some of its best weather, while on the west coast the seas are choppy, winds are up, and you should expect the odd downpour.

Why is Malaysia so hot?

Located near the equator, Malaysia’s climate is categorised as equatorial, being hot and humid throughout the year. Malaysia is exposed to the El Niño effect, which reduces rainfall in the dry season.

Is 34 degree hot?

Hot: Above 65 F (18 C) Warm: 45-65 F (7.5-18 C) Cool: 25-45 F (-4-7.5 C) Cold: 10-25 F (-12–4 C)

Which part of Malaysia is the hottest?

The hottest place in Malaysia is in Chuping, Perlis the northernmost state in Peninsula Malaysia. The record breaking temperature was 40.1 degree Celsius on 9th of April 1998.

What is the summer season in Malaysia?

Summer in Malaysia Summer is a hot season in Malaysia; by months rainfall is distributed very sparsely. June, July and August are accompanied by dry South-West monsoon in the deserts of Australia.

What is the weather like in Malaysia?

It is usually very hot and humid, especially in the major cities. Often due to haze warm air is trapped inside the cities, which results in very warm temperatures. It is less hot on the many islands surrounding Malaysia, mainly due to the cool breezes.

Where should I stay in four seasons Malaysia?

Experience two Four Seasons destinations on the same incredible journey. Begin in Malaysia’s dynamic capital, where Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur offers extraordinary dining and sleek and spacious accommodations.

Why should you visit Malaysia’s hot springs?

There are different types of hot springs throughout Malaysia. Whether it is a natural hot spring or an artificial one, it’s definitely beneficial to your health physically and mentally. Relax your mind, dip your body into the hot water, and calm your spirit. These resorts will always welcome you and help chase your stressful days away.

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