What is the highest police rank in Indonesia?

What is the highest police rank in Indonesia?

A “Polda” is headed by a Regional Chief of Police (Kapolda), which is responsible to the Chief of national Police (Kapolri) and holds the rank of either Inspector General or Brigadier General. Kapolda is assisted by Deputy Chief of Police (Wakapolda).

What is POLRI Indonesia?

POLRI, the Indonesian National Police, was incorporated into the armed forces in 1964 during the Sukarno era. By 1993 POLRI was responsible for arresting and interrogating suspects, while a special POLRI force was responsible for dealing with street demonstrations. …

What is the highest rank of police force in Canada?

Chief Superintendent Staff
Chief Superintendent. Staff Superintendent (and Senior Staff Superintendent) Superintendent. Staff Inspector.

Does Indonesia have SWAT?

The Mobile Brigade Corps or known locally as “Brimob” is the paramilitary force of the Indonesian National Police tasked to conduct high-risk law enforcement such as counterinsurgency, riot control, and hostage rescue. It is the PTU and SWAT unit of Polri.

Do Indonesian police have guns?

Firearms. Licensed production of the Browning Hi-Power. Approximately 30,000 P1s and 2,000 P2s manufactured. Used by Brimob.

Can Malaysian join Singapore Police Force?

No – Malaysian citizens cannot sign up for the Singapore Armed Forces, because they’re not citizens of Singapore. Yes – Voluntarily or not, Singaporean PRs (Malaysians included) have to serve in National Service.

Are Singapore police good?

Singapore police force is a well establish police force in the world. It has a good reputation in maintaining the law and order in Singapore. There is also a worklife balance int he company.

What is the highest ranking police officer in Malaysia?

Police rank

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers
Royal Malaysia Police
Inspector-general of police (IGP) Superintendent of Police (SUPT)

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